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Devil Sold His Soul - Loss

Devil Sold His Soul
by Craig Rider at 23 June 2021, 8:22 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL; signed via Nuclear Blast Records, hailing from England - performing Post-Hardcore/Post-Metal/Metalcore, on their 4th Studio Album entitled: "Loss" (released "9th of April, 2021).

Since formation in 2004; the sextet in question have 4 Studio Albums entitled: "A Fragile Hope" (released 18th of June, 2007), "Blessed And Cursed" (released 12th of July, 2010); "Empire Of Light'' (released 17th of September, 2012) and finally, after a long 10 year hiatus: "Loss" reveals to the world – they also have 2 EPs entitled: "Darkness Prevails" (released in 2005) & "Belong + Betray" (released in 2014) - on top of a Split entitled: "Devil Sold His Soul / Tortuga" (released in 2008) in their discography so far. I'm introduced to their 4th offering, which ranges at around 59:06 with 10 tracks; DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Post-Hardcore/Post-Metal/Metalcore developments.

Opening up with this majestic piano segment where mythical waves of static merged with wondrous soundscapes; the anthemic but glistening "Ardour" begins the record with this Post-Hardcore/apocalyptic barrage of mountainous melody, fluid distortion and a distinct trial of trepidation which harbours a hybrid calamity in experimental hooks assorted with punchy Post-Metal kicks while the Metalcore aesthetic injects an immersively intense landscape in complex dynamics. Consisting of a double duo in vocals; Eb Gibbs & Paul Green collaborate with throaty soars, shouty yells & while sometimes raspy which yells with this harrowing but gravitational synergy which roars with organic singing prowess that will make you marvel with the euphonically enriching finesse that's bestowed here.

The instrumental elements execute a sporadic variety; stemming from a harmonic dose in hefty symphonics, jumpy remedy and a riveting but boisterously bouncy momentum that thunders with rompy maelstrom manifestations while an emotive chord strikes with flamboyantly distinguished grandeur. "Witness Marks" examines feverish furor; utilising sturdy rhythms from guitarist/keyboardist Rick Chapple. Crafting a synthetic pursuit on surging chugs, frolicing firepower expertise & a dextrously ambient atmosphere with those meticulous keys which revel with that sense of "Loss" profusely. Rifting with monolithic tempos, robust vibrancy & potently towering crescendos chisel into your skull with thumpy ramification on galloping apprehension.

An audible bass from Jozef Norocky also contributes a chunky implementation in piledriving zest; where ethereal but flexibly fundamental seamlessness swerve with vervacious mellow while the volatile substance unearths this sublime camaraderie along with weighty progression, technically rad wickedness & prodigious yet prestigious impact in uplifting outbursts of forlorn emancipation infected with venomously salubrious trippiness amongst a kaleidoscopic frenzy. "Burdened" fabricates an operatic resonance while slamming drum hammering from Alex Wood; who rambunctiously steamrolls with speedy velocity while those mesmerising singing mobilities scream with twinning èclat, similarly profound with the riffing architype from both Jonny Renshaw & Rick.

This methodical merger examines a crunchy catchiness in groovy calamities as a distilling boundary unites with this uplifting spiral which tones the borderline foundation in hasteful harmonies down which transition towards this mellifluous persistence while flowing into that triumphant haze from desolation, sorrow & victory all in one place - especially in the slow down burn of the thrilling "Tateishi". "The Narcissist" establishes a foggy but dense landscape in static but altruistic abundance in alarming and visceral stability, where serene songwriting musicianship culminates an alternative fashion in killer laceration attributes in grinding slays which stomps with rhythmic contrast and frantic bombast - a chiselling but energetic jolt of rampaging stampedes that voraciously spellbinds you with otherworldly hooks - also trembling with concretely gritty but barbaric hostility, probably one of the more clobbering and belting bruisers of the record that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in a evolving yet transformative magnitude of amplified adrenaline fused with maximum force.

"Beyond Reach" offers similar traits while progressively technical synths unravel solidly sublime significance, as blistering shreds supply this shoegazing perseverance on elegantly deadly heaviness & marvellous musicalities which revolves with vivacious but angelic ambitiousness with yet celestial daintiness. "Signal Fire" captivates with extremely aggressive pipes while screaming howls harald with choppy drums, almost Black Metal riffage and bellowing vigour on rigorous but instrumental revs which will scour with wrathful yet moody reverence while solace & soul dissects into your self worth for an utmost ultimatum on peaceful serenity while divine attrition serves your eardrums fulfillingly which will make you think but listen to this spiritual ritual of heavenly but strong performances tenfold.

"Acrinomy" begins with more core-esquire triggers until radiating with crying hymns and hardened but aerial transgression, while the penultimate track "But Not Forgotten" shrouds with this operatic but lengthy and groundbreaking assimilation which momentously serves with an epic piano/vocal segment in divine serenity within the titular track itself, another lengthy representation of stunning melancholy & sophisticated auras.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL is an intriguing group, full of unique visionaries that showcase a conceptual intricacy embedded while remaining delightfully engaging and heavy as hell for good measure. Worthy of spinning & replaying a few handful of times, as "Loss" is full of neck breaking and enjoyably entertaining but detailed diligence which is a discovery most surely worth noting. Check it and them out, if a gloomy listen combining ruthlessly monstrous pandemonium, meaty virtuosity & a quintessential slab is on your agenda.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ardour
2. Witness Marks
3. Burdened
4. Tateishi
5. The Narcissist
6. Beyond Reach
7. Signal Fire
8. Acrinomy
9. But Not Forgotten
10. Loss
Rick Chapple - Guitars/Keyboard
Jonny Renshaw - Guitar
Alex Wood - Drums
Jozef Norocky - Bass
Paul Green - Vocals
Ed Gibbs - Vocals
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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