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Deviser - Evil Summons Evil Award winner

Evil Summons Evil
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 February 2023, 4:40 PM

Is it possible to say that the Hellenic Black Metal original form is still alive? It means that form created by ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA and others. The answer is simple to be given: once a Metal genre is created, it can be put to rest for some time (or be out of public eye), but it’ll be coming back in a moment in the future for sure. But bands of Hellenic Black Metal still are working on the underground, as the Greek legend DEVISER, back after 12 years of silence with “Evil Summons Evil”, their latest album.

On the album, these pioneers (they’re working with the genre since 1989, or in other words, are from the same generation of the names written above) show the truthful Hellenic Black Metal DNA: aggressive, darkened and morbid, based on somber melodies created by the guitars and keyboards, but always in a personal way, that essential quality that separates a clone of a leading force. And on “Evil Summons Evil”, the band shows a wonderful set of songs that will seduce Black Metal fans for sure, because the band isn’t living on the past, but is bringing the essence of Greek Black Metal to the present. Yes, the album is truly amazing, full of energy and fresh, with a darkened living essence pulsing on all the songs!

“Evil Summons Evil” was produced, mixed and mastered by Psychon of SEPTICFLESH, and was recorded at Sound Abuse Productions, Athens. The final result is a somber and aggressive sonority, but defined in a point where anyone can clearly understand what’s being played (the rough feeling comes from the instrumental tunes used by the band). The cover (a monumental and lovely creation of Kris Verwimp) depicts what the fans will hear on the album, and as guests vocals, here are Androniki Skoula (soprano of CHAOSTAR) on “Of Magick”, Heljarmadr (of DARK FUNERAL and GRA) on “Where Angels Fear to Tread”, and Efthimis Karadimas (of NIGHTFALL) on “When the Lights went Out”.

After a short and darkened intro, “Death is Life Eternal” is that kind of song where the core of Hellenic Black Metal is shown due the mix of slow paced tempos and sharp guitar riffs entwining with morbid keyboards. On “Cold Comes the Night” one can check some darkened melodies arising, creating the right ambience for the shrieked tunes of the vocals. A bit more melodic that the previous songs, “Absence of Heaven” is full of hooks and shows excellent orchestrations. “Tenebrae” is a short song with that Baroque appeal that Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal acts usually use filled with opera chants, preparing the fans for the morbid experience of “Of Magick”, a brutal and oppressive song with some Middle East melodies in some moments, and that is guided by an oppressive work of bass guitar and drums on the rhythms, and what lovely soprano chants contrasting with the shrieks.

“Evoking the Moon Goddess” keeps the melodic oppressive feelings, but with some excellent fast parts contrasting with the funereal ambiences. Narrative vocals permeate some parts of “Where Angels Fear to Tread”, a brutal and fast song in a Second Wave of Black Metal trend, with sharp guitars hooking the senses of the fans. Bringing back the slower appeal of Hellenic Black Metal, “Sky Burial” has a deep sort of melancholic/darkened set of ambiences based on a very good technical appeal of the rhythms. And such elements appear again on “Serpent God” (where bass guitar and drums appear in some parts without guitars), a weaving song that hypnotizes everyone. And closing the doors of Hell, “When the Lights Went Out” is another song that shows the mix between darkened melodies with the nasty aggressiveness of the guitars, a feature that’s particular of Greek Black Metal.

After listening to this masterpiece, this precious gem that is “Evil Summons Evil”, the fans can have a definitive idea: that DEVISER is an essential act for Hellenic Black Metal scene, and even to the world Black Metal scene, because they’re keeping the ancient fire alight! One of the best albums of this year for sure!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Death is Life Eternal
2. Cold Comes the Night
3. Absence of Heaven
4. Tenebrae
5. Of Magick
6. Evoking the Moon Goddess
7. Where Angels Fear to Tread
8. Sky Burial
9. Serpent God
10. When the Lights Went Out
Matt Hnaras - Guitars, Vocals
Nick Christogiannis - Bass, Keyboards
Record Label: Hammerheart Records


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Edited 25 March 2023

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