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Devouror - Slay for Satan

Slay for Satan
by Louise Brown at 18 February 2019, 9:48 AM

DEVOUROR is a brand new Black Metal band from Singapore. The group formed in November of 2018 and has one EP to their credit currently, "Slay For Satan".  Unfortunately there simply isn't much information at this point to go by regarding the band since they are still so new.

The EP opens with the song "The Decapitator".  It begins with a heavy atmospheric tone that lets you know immediately this probably isn't the type of metal your parents listened to. The song becomes brutal and dark as well as infused with a truly evil undertone. In other words, it's the perfect track for any of your average Black Metal fans out there. The vocalist, Anticristo Xul, puts on a great performance, as do both guitarists Shyaithan and Asura. The following track, "Ritualized Debauchery," is also brutal, dark and very fast. Despite those qualities the song isn't quite as good as the opening track, though I can't figure out what exactly is missing from it. The percussion provided by drummer Dizazter is quite good and so is the bass-line that Cryptor contributes. No one's performance can be faulted so the problem doesn't lie within their ability to play. There's simply some quality which causes the song to feel a bit flat and not as inspired compared to "The Decapitator".

The two remaining songs are "Atomic Crossfire" and "INRI".  "Atomic Crossfire" has an excellent sound with a blistering pace, heavy percussion and rapid-fire vocals. It's a definite improvement from the EP's second track as it delivers the same level of venom and rage that the opening song did. Be sure to listen to the excellent guitar solos on this one, you won't regret it. It's an outstanding track and my favorite on the EP. The final song, "INRI," is extremely short, but still packs a punch. All things considered, "Slay For Satan" is an impressive debut for a band that has been together for all of four months so far. If you like no-nonsense Black Metal then you would probably be happy with the EP.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6


3 Star Rating

1. The Decapitator
2. Ritualized Debauchery
3. Atomic Crossfire
Antichristo Xul-  Vocals
Shyaithan-  Guitars
Asura-  Guitars
Cryptor-  Bass
Dizazter-  Drums
Record Label: Metal Zone Records


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Edited 24 May 2019

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