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Dewfall - Hermeticus

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 11 November 2018, 12:47 AM

Where history sways to the sound of poetry, surrounded by heathendom blackness that is both raw and enchanting, almost barbaric to the ear but with a bewitching twist of ecstasy. As further I ventured through the wide selection of Black Metal bands, keen to create a crust to their music that is beyond the straightforward grinding, my interest was maintained. Getting to the know the Italian DEWFALL, hailing from Apulia, I unearthed the blending of esoteric themes with local history, mythical events and scenes, some of them based on truth and others as a symbol of a sovereignty in ashes. Recently coming back to the fold, along with signing with a suitable German label for their needs, Naturmacht Productions, the heathens released their sophomore, “Hermeticus”.

History fans would probably be intrigued by the band’s chosen theme, therefore, it is recommended to have read about the Suevian Emperor Frederick II, once the ruler of the band’s origin state. Digging deeper, that time period may take you more into the Hermetic heritage and its culture. Adjoined by a form of Black Metal that can be rendered as progressed, the journey through “Hermeticus” should both a learning and a hell of a headbanging experience.

While listening to “Hermeticus”, it was one of those times where I fully captured the need for a rigorous atmosphere within such lengthy epics. Enforcing the Norwegian driven blackened holiness, integrating so well a line tremendous traditional vocals, mostly growls and a few harmonic clean, crushing mayhemic grinds, malevolent melodies and mephistophelian rhythm guitar riffery, DEWFALL carved perfectly the early 90s as their own and went a step forward with various enchantments. Whether acoustics overshadowed by effects of suspension, or consuming qualities of Heavy and Death Metal and of course the song arrangements that never tired, the band found an angle that should be their basis forward.

I believe that the deathly “Moondagger”, melodically blood boiling “Monolithic Dome”, and the feverish opener of the medieval tale, “The Abomination Throne”, would put enough sense into my notion of the music, especially my first choice that I found to be the true album’s marker. Additional songs to follow are the noteworthy diamond “The Eternal Flame of Athanor” and the true early EMPEROR meets early MAYHEM driven “Apud Portam Ferream”, featuring HELHEIM’s vocalist, V’gandr.

Now I understand why the Italians were absent for so long, the main reason dwells within “Hermeticus”. Well maybe I overreacted a bit, nevertheless, for this kind of release, time is one of the important characteristics. These guys have me in their clutches as I wait for the next album.

4 Star Rating

1. The Abomination Throne
2. Murex Hermetica
3. Monolithic Dome
4. Apud Portam Ferream
5. The Eternal Flame of Athanor
6. Moondagger
7. The Course to Malkuth
8. Apostasy of Hopes
Vittorio Bilanzuolo - Vocals
Flavio Paterno - Guitars
Niko Lucarelli - Guitars
Saverio Fiore - Bass
Antonio Lacoppola - Drums
Record Label: Naturmacht Productions


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