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Di'aul - Nobody's Heaven

Nobody's Heaven
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 09 October 2018, 5:57 AM

DI'AUL (Read The Owl) is a Milan, Italy based Sludge Doom band. After releasing a debut EP in 2013, and "Garden of Exile" in 2016, they are back proposing 34 minutes of new stuff for us to explore. They are greatly influenced by the mighty DOWN and I'd say CROWBAR too. DI'AUL is dirty, muddy, the swamp creature that lurks in the dark to frighten the entire bayou villagers and curse the night! This is doom, this is doom, we are DOOMED. "Nobody's heaven" starts it off with acoustic guitar, then military marching drum plays loudly, as the vocals are growing it leads us to the harsh and distorted fuzzy guitar. Suddenly power leaves to a place more smooth and relaxed, where only bass and vocals are expressed. The vocals are particularly original. They sound a little muddy or drowned in water. Imagine Anselmo singing underwater. This may sound weird but even I got used to it and I think its a god way to have their own vocal signature. Also they remind me of DOWN. They are American Rock and Sludge influenced.

"Black Death" is a more mid paced song and fuzz fueled. Nice riffs. They use the same approach for the vocal technique. This one reminds me of CROWBAR a lot. It's pretty effective sludge…slow and painful. I really like that one, nicely performed. It's not overly original but amateurs of the genre will bang their head spontaneously. In "Garden of Exile," qe are slowly invited into this one with a melodic intro on a wah-wah ride.The vocals sounds a little like we play a track in reverse while being understandable. Quite cool effect. The guitar is trippy. There is nasty singing here. This song is the one that uses the more variations and the less linear of the first three. We have a shitload of different elements explored and this song is the best to know this band. In "Low Est," a creepy ambiance shows the path to moving riffs and groove. I really like Mr. Cinieri's singing. Simplicity, substance resides in the feelings here. The suffering and darkness.The guitars makes some lead to leave to a BLACK SABBATH tribute riff to make move the last guys that didn't headbang yet. This is dirty, this is muddy ,this is Rock and Roll, this is DOOM, and this is love.

In "Mother Witch," voices fill the air, and the bass is quite excited and playful. Slow paced, this one offers lyrics as a story. It's quite interesting the way its written. The chorus is very catchy and the progression is quite cool. They should dig more in that direction. Once again the vocals are very good. This song has is own soul, breathing by itself, leaving us overwhelmed. This EP needs to be discovered. Some may not like the vocals, and some may find new approach that will hook them forever. This is deep, this is slow, and this is painful, with no fancy shit. They showed here that they can deliver and are capable of a multitude of things. They have great potential and I hope they come back with some new stuff soon.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Nobody's Heaven
2. Black Death
3. Garden of Exile
4. Low Est
5. Mother Witch
Jeremy Toma - Bass
Diego Bertoni - Drums
Daniele Mella - Guitars
Cosimo A. Cinieri - Vocals
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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