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Diablation - Allégeance

by Andrew Harvey at 26 January 2022, 5:52 AM

We have a black metal band called DIABLATION who also incorporates symphonic influences and they have been described as ‘black metal metal will have been necessary for their metallic and lyrical torments to spring up again’. It is also said that they have an ‘identity of the group that is forged in obscurantism and loneliness’. The band lineup consists of two ex-members of the band AD INFERNA, the vocalist being one of four members is VICOMTE VAMPYR ARKAMES and guitarist/keyboard player V. ORIAS A. The bassist HYDE joined a few months after the two members from AD INFERNA were putting the band together and now they have come to releasing what is their debut album, titled ALLÉGEANCE which also featured ROSE HREIDMARR. The album is certainly a diverse mix of both black and symphonic metal, predominantly black metal with the vocals lines but the other instruments bring out the brighter symphonic elements but only to a certain extent. The album was released through Antiq Records and features a total of 8 tracks, as the band are from France the songs are written in their own language.

The album begins with “Invictus” which is the intro track, very little we hear aside from the choked black metal vocals accompanied by a piano plus a subtle palette of sound effects revolving in the background. Followed on by the sound bells tolling away, echoing too which leads us into the next track titled “Aigle Du Mal, Aigle De Sang” as guitar joins in for the first time, as the vocals continue as they were before. Drums too come to the fore briefly with cymbal hits as guitar strums the staccato notes before a much faster and mid range cluster of black metal, led by guitar shrieking. There is but a fire of burning desire in the orchestration so far in this debut album by such an interesting but diverse sound, no doubt the vocals or guitar stand out more, drums playing double kicks when the time is right. Third track is “Des Ruines De La Solitude Éternelle” rather more of a pulse racing with drums and guitar leading the narrative, guitar playing some solid vibrato and drumming as daring as before, vocals very much in the satanic tone. There is even the contribution of clean vocals by the bassist HYDE who mumbles his words of somber yet depressing nature.

Fourth track “Ego Daemonium” has a more chunkier guitar tone and vocals take the same approach as always, the black metal screams and filthy bouts of agitation or aggression. However this is certainly one of my more favourite tracks as guitar stands out more with the black metal soundscape of other instrumentation. Vocals become more gritty towards the end of this track going into the next track which is “La Noirceur Des Limbes” screams at first then pulsating drum patterns overcome the sound barrier set by the vocals & guitar. Sharing similar ideas here with drums and vocals, giving that same theme of bitter cold and gut wrenching sounds of every instrument even when there is a pause for keyboards to take the intermission. We hear the real echo of piano and vocals joining in eventually, along with acoustic guitar plucking too. Tension is created before another heart racing section of crashing drums, vocals and guitar swirling around each other as we go into the next track.

“L’Ordre Hermétique Des Âmes Noire” opens with keyboard sound effects, maybe a harpsichord before stabbing notes of guitar and drums accenting the rhythm, giving it colour and interesting textures. There is also a backing sound of choral chants together with the black metal combination for the symphonic elements of this track to come through concisely. Bass guitar also gives the track that warmth and tonality the track needs to boom from your speakers. “Eloge Du Mysticisme Impérieux” opens with quiet and cunning vocals with guitar strumming, before drums makes the track roar with excitement and superiority. The enduring vocal screams are signaling the black metal that is very much the center of attention and then calms down to a more subtle tone before projecting excessive vocals, accompanied by the usual instrumentation. “La Nuit Obscure De L'Âme Partie 1” has that thick guitar sound from before with the shattering drum patterns that dominates the sound field and vocals follow similar directions here to continue on from where the previous track left us at. “La Nuit Obscure De L'Âme Partie 2” opens similarly to the previous track as this is the last final track, bringing the best of drums and guitar providing the main themes or ideas.

What an extraordinary album full of blisters of black metal but with that touch of symphonic metal mixture blended together with the instrumentation that is available. There are orchestral sections and pulsating rhythms as well as vocals but the drums thrash everything in its path and they do well to do so. It is a fine album with so much mixture of black metal, symphonic metal and maybe hints of progressive style or approach.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

Overall: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Invictus
2. Aigle Du Mal, Aigle De Sang
3. Des Ruines De La Solitude Éternelle
4. Ego Daemonium
5. La Noirceur Des Limbes
6. L’Ordre Hermétique Des Âmes Noire
7. Eloge Du Mysticisme Impérieux
8. La Nuit Obscure De L'Âme Partie 1
9. La Nuit Obscure De L'Âme Partie 2
Vicomte Vampyr Arkames - Vocals
Yann “V. Orios A.” Ferlaak - Guitar, Keyboards
Hyde - Bass Guitar, Vocals (Clean)
VNA - Drums
Record Label: Antiq Records


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