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Diabology – Nobody Believes Me

Nobody Believes Me
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 11 February 2020, 6:03 AM

DIABOLOGY have released their first album. They have been together since 2016, they are only teenagers, so we’d b expecting to hear raw youthful talents on display. Let’s see what they have in store for us. ”The Voices (Nobody Believes Me)” has a similar approach and speed to DEAD KENNEDYSNazi Punks Fuck Off” from the start, though this turn into a more progressive melody after the instant frenzy has finished. The vocals are aggressive from the off and they balance well at the start, but the melodies don’t match the instrumentals when they slow down, however doing this means the song never loses its edge.

Deicide” starts off more like a TEASTAMENT song with the Thrash fluids running. The vocals, have lost all aggression to stat and although it returns it is a strange choice from where ”The Voices (Nobody Believes Me)” left off. This song has far more composure and balance, and the melodies work well building up in all aspects. The vocals do remain aggressive to the midway section of the song where a slick solo takes over. The approach goes all over the place and loses the balance mentioned before, but this seems like a good choice to end the song, it is a bit more Punk infused than anything else, but they make it work. “Defiling Innocents” has a much more technical start, delving into the Melo Death sub genres. The pace goes up and down, but has a structure in doing so. They are a young band, so there is clearly some experimental riffs thrown in here, but they are not misplaced, they work nicely. However because of the experimental stance it means the song doesn’t really go anywhere.

Ember to Ash” brings back an OVERKILL sounding Thrash melody. The aggression has dwindled slightly, but this means the balance is better, it is blended together nicely. The experimental side seeps through again, trying new sounds and it does play off in short outbursts like on here. “Seed of the Prophet” has a mix of styles to start. This could be Hardcore, Punk or Modern Thrash. Vocals are once more aggressive, but this does not steer the song to just one style, which is a good thing, keeping the song open and fresh. The style used more than any seems like its trying to get into the dark side of the force. Technical riffs and jams are added here to show exactly what they can do and for a band to show off all their talents is certainly a good thing.

Judgement Day” has more of a Metalcore start, similar to AS I LAY DYING and DARKEST HOUR, with more of a modern day TRIVIUM approach on the vocals. Not the best mix we have heard thus far. This time the vocals are not up to speed with the instrumentalists, but remember these are early days for this band. We must give them chance to turn their mastery into the next Chuck Billy. This would have been great as an instrumental because the melodies built from there are great. Have they tried slowing things on the vocals down too much to be like Tom Araya? Maybe, but he is a pro, these dudes need their own style.

Seas of Eternity” this has a more Blackened approach, my thoughts sway to Melo Black, DISSECTION potential sounding melodies. It is slower than we have heard already, but the balance and composure reign here. There are good melodies in here and they take the best of the songs we have heard and blend them together. Not saying this is the best song of the album, but this is a very controlled and works the band’s sound. “Diabology” has the slower vocals return, which me personally, I don’t think works to the strengths as the best option. Sounds like something KING 810 would be doing, which does not go with the album to this point. The aggression is there, but doesn’t peak at the levels we have heard, Melodies sounds toned down to what the rest have sounded like. Not the smoothest song on the album.

About You” More like NAPALM DEATH’s version of “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”, then stops. Not sure what the point of this was. “Lost Viking” is a progressive start, building up well. The vocals lose some aggression and the pace of the overall melodies seems down a gear. This seems like they have thrown together too many sounds and it does not quite mash up. However, its better than anything I can do “Lazarus Falling” is another progressive build up, sounding like it could explode into a frenzy at any second. It does implode more than explode; making the intro a little pointless, timing is everything. The song does have a catchy beat, even if it could do with a bit more pace. There is no other real changes, which makes the balance work, but takes out some excitement

Silent” continues the same sort of vibes form “Lazarus Falling” it changes midway to a few experimental riffs, but they do not exactly pay off in the way they could. It's not bad as a first release, they certainly have potential. These guys could focus future work on either becoming more technical or experimental as they teased both here. Certainly worth a listen to. There are too many different styles here, so hopefully the next album keeps to their more potent style.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Voices (Nobody Believes Me)
2. Deicide
3. Defiling Innocents
4. Ember to Ash
5. Seed of the Prophet
6. Judgement Day
7. Seas of Eternity
8. Diabology
9. About You
10. Lost Viking
11. Lazarus Falling
12. Silent
Jack Kleinman – Guitars
Jesse Bergen – Guitars & Lead Vocals
Matt Morales – Drums & Backing Vocals
Joseph Mazisyuk – Bass Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 20 September 2020

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