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Diabulus In Musica – Euphonic Entropy

Diabulus In Musica
Euphonic Entropy
by Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier at 21 March 2020, 4:41 AM

DIABULUS IN MUSICA is a Symphonic Power Metal band from Spain.  “Eurphonic Entropy,” is their fifth full-length.  As a huge fan of both EPICA and NIGHTWISH, I’m always on the look out for more Symphonic Metal.  DIABULUS IN MUSICA doesn’t have the instrumental prowess of EPICA or the depth of song writing like NIGHTWISH but they have crafted a solid performance across the twelve tracks, even if there are a couple of missteps.

A Lucid Chaos,” is the intro but feels unnecessary as it doesn’t lead into the next track very well.  That track, “Race to Equilibrium,” feels like the logical opening track.  After the symphonics and guitars get through dueling with each other, the song kick in.  The chorus is rather catchy, no doubt bolstered by the album’s rather clear production.  I would prefer something with a bit more edge or grit to the music, especially since the symphonics often times over power the guitars.

The Misfits Swing,” is a unique sounding song and even a bit jaunty in some places.  The bass goes for a walk at one point, with some angelic type choir in the background that lends the song an old sound but wrapped in a modern but interesting sound. There are some missteps in the later-half of the album.  The ballad, “Blurred Dreams,” is just another boring, middle of the road type song that would had been better served left on the cutting room floor.

In The Vortex,” is an instrumental track that seems to serve as an outro, but it isn’t very interesting and actually may have sounded better if had been the intro.  However, the tracks in between make up the lackluster ones.  “On the Edge,” is a faster pieced, ore intense pieces with some interesting keyboards.  The death growls are energetic and feed off everything around them. “Our Last Gloomy Dance,” is the surprise hit of the album.  It has a strong Gothic feel to it and unfolds very naturally across the seven and a half minutes.  The keyboards in the song’s later half are very Proggy and were another welcomed surprise.

Euphonic Entropy,” didn’t blow me way but in a very crowded sea of Symphonic Metal bands, I did find the album slightly above average and a decent place to start for those wishing to discover more of the subgenre.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. A Lucid Chaos
2. Race To Equilibrium
3. Nuevo Rumbo
4. The Misfit’s Swing
5. In Quest of Sense
6. Otoi
7. Blurred Dreams
8. On The Edge
9. Our Last Gloomy Dance
10. One Step Higher
11. Blind Muse
12. In The Vortex
Gorka Elso – Keyboards, Vocals
Zuberoa Aznarez -  Vocals, Flute
David Carrica - Drums
Alexey Kolygin - Guitars
Record Label: Napalm Records


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