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Die Another Day – Wild Fire

Die Another Day
Wild Fire
by William Travers at 18 May 2020, 4:56 PM

Canada, a vast country with a rich history of musical talent through the likes of Brian Adams, Celine Dion… The list goes on I’m sure… However, a new band has crash landed onto the scene just about a year ago. DIE ANOTHER DAY are a Metalcore/Pop Punk quintet that try to embrace other genres and sub genres to get their fans to enjoy different styles of music. This is their recently released EP “Wild Fire”

The artwork is simplistic. A mannequin with outstretched arms engulfed in flames. With the bands name and album title emblazoned on the flames. Well I hope that’s a mannequin… right guys?

The opening track “Ignite The Flame” sets the scene. Eerie noises and an almost Industrialiser style of drumline comes over. Creating a disconcerting feeling, coupled with the despair filled and angry vocals that are both there and sitting in the background really pull the listener into this album.

No fucking around with “Wildfire” we are thrust straight into the music which comes in full throttle and aggressive. With chunky riffs and heavy beats. This is a solid track; however, I was confused by what almost sounds like an 8-bit retro computer game track in the background at times. It was very off putting.

The aggression and energy flows over and continues into “Razorblades” and I can’t help but feel that DIE ANOTHER DAY have attempted to continue the wave of successful Pop Punk bands of the early noughties. With some really positive heavy sections, the softer elements feel quite out of place, in fact I would say that they are unnecessary.

“Green Eyes” begins to lose some of the edge created earlier in the album. The aggression gives way to what almost comes across as a pity party. Musically the track is sound and again the heavier elements combined with the rough vocals show serious promise. But lyrically feels almost like BRYAN ADAMS track… in fact, a direct quote, ‘Everything I do, Girl I do for you’. es

“Fear the Future” once again picks up some of the momentum that was lost in previous tracks and, for a first time, the softer clean elements are more of an accent to the rough section. With more of a natural flow to the track. In fact, I would say that from “Green Eyes” we have seen an almost 180 musically, with this being more likened to PERIPHERY meets PARKWAY DRIVE.

With the final track we are treated to an interesting intro that flows into a solid musical line. However, the clean vocals just really let the music down, I think. Something just wasn’t sitting right and it was really putting me off. The best way that I could describe it is an atmosphere was created where I expected some intensity and aggression, but instead I felt more of a whine.

Overall, I would say there is great promise and this is a solid first release. I would like to say that there is so much potential here, but what let the music down was some of the clean sections didn’t sound right or natural. The tone of the clean vocals didn’t really compliment the rough track. However, that is just my opinion, give it a listen and see whether you agree with me.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Ignite The Flame
2. Wildfire
3. Razorblades
4. Green Eyes
5. Fear The Future
6. Poison IV
Jared Boyd – Vocals
Justin Bennett – Guitar
Ricardo D’Almeida – Guitar
Tyler Johansen – Bass/Vocals
Adam Hensby – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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