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Dikasterion - Stavelot 1597/ Rome 897

Stavelot 1597/ Rome 897
by Louise Brown at 09 October 2019, 1:55 PM

DIKASTERION is a Black Metal band from Belgium which formed in 2018. To date they have a demo and an EP to their credit. I'm reviewing their EP "Stavelot 1597/Rome 897" today. It's going to be a very brief review since the EP consists of just two songs.

The first track, "Stavelot 1597," features an excellent intro which is dark, ominous and loud. The vocals are pretty decent, performed in a classic Black Metal style with shrieks, growls and guttural mutterings. The backing music is intense with a great deal of bass, strong percussion as well as some terrific guitar riffs and hooks. The track has a good rhythm and pace, moving it along a reasonable speed. It's simply one great Black Metal song!

 The second track, "Rome 897," starts out at a rapid speed, getting into the main body of the song quite quickly. The vocals are still good, but not nearly as compelling as they were during the first track. The backing music is also good, even if it is a bit more chaotic and disorganized-sounding versus the previous song. The track keeps up the rapid pace throughout, yet it still manages to feel slower than "Stavelot 1597".  I didn't enjoy it as much, either.

I think it's a bit ambitious to label this release as an EP since it's just two songs. I'd call it a single with a B side instead. I think it's a fair effort, but nothing truly special or noteworthy. Save your money for something else. This one isn't worth it.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 4
Production: 5


2 Star Rating

1. Stavelot 1597
2. Rome 897
Hanghedief -  Vocals, guitar
Death Commander -  Guitar, vocals
Cinis -  Bass
Pz. Kpfw -  Drums
Record Label: Amor Fati Productions


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Edited 21 January 2020

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