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Dimebag Darrell – Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It or Get Rolled Over

Dimebag Darrell
Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It or Get Rolled Over
by Riccardo Gaffuri at 10 December 2017, 1:17 PM

A bit more than 10 years after his departure, Metal Blade Records released a CD/DVD tribute to DIMEBAG DARRELL, “Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll with It or Get Rolled Over.” It features, along with video memories of this legend, a five track EP, containing some Dimebag solo and lost tracks. First track is “Twisted” a somewhat melancholic tune, where his signature riffs are the foundation for some sort of an intimate confession of where he thought his life was headed to and, hauntingly, how his lifestyle would have had a huge part in it.

“Ain’t No Struggle” is an old school metal track, where his well-known touch transpires through the guitar riffs. ”True” is a proof of Dimebag’s eclecticism: although the guitar work that we’ve learned to love spurts along the track, a pop electronic base is the real protagonist of this odd song. “Let’s Go” is a more “traditional” PANTERA Cowboys from Hell style track, fast paced and shattering: a spin of these old records will follow compulsory.

Closing this EP we find “Whiskey Road”, a country-ish rocker, starting with an acoustic guitar walking along Dimebag’s deep voice singing about its struggled relationship with this drink: in the middle of the song he goes into some kind of a blues solo, with his guitar screeching and swirling licks to complete this southern scenario. This EP, along with all the video mementos, is definitely a must, for all those appreciating Dimebag and missing what he could’ve done these years since his death, as a posthumous memory of all his vitality and genius.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Twisted
2. Ain’t No Struggle
3. True
4. Let’s Go
5. Whiskey Road
Dimebag Darrell – Guitar/Vocals
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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