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Dimeless - White Lion

White Lion
by Patrick Eden at 01 October 2014, 9:48 PM

Ah, Thrash… It’s never been my genre to be frank. True, as an ‘up and coming’ metal-head, aged nine, “Master Of Puppets” was as huge moment for me and still stands as one of the all-time great Metal albums, if not the best Thrash album, ever released. Times have changed however, and today we are reviewing DIMELESS; some Groovy Thrash Metal, or Thrash-Groove Metal, depending on your outlook on life. DIMELESS class themselves as Groove, but honestly is there actually any real difference between these two subgenres of Metal, which is already over over-saturated with more subgenres than you can shake a stick at?

While Thrash has never really done the job for me, I have to admit that I was strangely enchanted by DIMELESS’ particular brand. It did take me back to that scruffy sound that I loved when I was an uncultivated metal-head, who was yet to discover the syrupy tones of Power Metal. Maybe it’s a nostalgic thing, but DIMELESS do deliver. There’s nothing new, it’s vaguely old school Thrash that makes you dream of wearing ripped jeans, denim vests and tearing down an establishment that hasn’t existed for a couple of decades.

The particular highlights, in no particular order, are “Sun Sea Bar”, “Harvest Season” and “Invention Of Murder”. “Harvest Season” stands out, purely just for the intro; a driving opening riff that everyone has heard a thousand time before, and yet one that still makes you fall in love with the genre all over again. This is a theme that continues throughout the album; good Metal, that sounds a wee bit sloppy, but isn’t that the point of Thrash? This isn’t mindless Black Metal, incoherent Death Metal or squeaky clean Power Metal. It’s Thrash. It’s supposed to sound messy and fuck anyone who disagrees.

Another track which I am compelled to discuss is “El Gancho”, purely for the difference it brings to the record. Anyone that loves a good Ennio Morricone soundtrack will adore this. At three and a half minutes, it’s the shortest track on the album, and an instrumental, bands are oft criticised for not varying an albums sound enough…  DIMELESS aren’t going to have to deal with that.

In all honestly these Germans second full-length release has caught me completely off guard. It’s great. Eleven songs of pounding riffs and a vocalist who, when he goes low can sound a bit like a poor man’s Tom Araya, but is generally reliable and keeps the rough edges thoroughly in place.  If you’re into your Thrash, whether new school, or old school, these guys warrant at least one listen. Enjoy.

4 Star Rating

1. Harvest Season
2. White Lion
3. Sun Sea Bar
4. …And Anxiety For All
5. El Gancho
6. New Man vs. Vermin
7. From Aesthetics To Ethics
8. Our Daily Poison
9. Invention Of Murder
10. Vacuity
11. Generation D
Victor Dewald – Vocals
Felix Gerlach – Guitars
Johannes Mueller – Bass
Anthony Flynn – Drums
Record Label: Noisehead Records


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