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Dimentianon - Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth

Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 23 May 2023, 3:41 AM

DIMENTIANON is an extreme metal band from Commack, New York and they formed in 1995 as The Forgotten but changed their moniker to DIMENTIANON in 2002.  Under THE FORGOTTEN, they released two demos, a full length album and a split album.  Under their current identity, they have released four demos, a split, and ‘Chapter VI’ is their fifth full length album. The band’s style is one that blends several genres, specifically death, black, and doom metal.  Usually within the same song, all three styles present themselves but they are also quite atmospheric.  Don’s keyboards and clean vocals provide much of the subtle but powerful atmospheric moments and it works well to counteract the intense nature of the metallic instrumentals and searing vocals.

The production and mix is pretty decent–it is somewhat raw in nature, especially the vocals but all the little details in the songs, such as the keys and bass, are easily known and called through this abyss. The album opens with the instrumental ‘Inimica Malevolentia,’ which is an intro but actually poignant in parts before becoming darker near the end as it leads into the next track. ‘Turn To Ash,’ begins as if it was already playing for a couple minutes, a stark and jarring contrast to the beautiful opening track. The first few minutes are decidedly more along the lines of a blackened approach but the vocals use death growls as well.  The keys shine through the midsection as the song leans hard into its atmospheric tendencies.  The last half is violent and wild, ending the song much in the way it began.  A solid first full song and one that gives a complete experience.

Come To Me In The Darkness,’ digs deep into the abyss for dark riffs and sharp melodies that add in a layer of doomy sorrow.  The guitars are faster paced and deadly but the keys are deep and ethereal—the band is very adept at providing a heavy experience while never letting go of the atmosphere.  The cold, sinister dimension of the band comes out in the next track, ‘Placere Silere.’  This song and the guitar tone is biting and the tempo is slow, very much of glacial grind that captures the best elements of the band, as  they seem at their best when taking a more introspective and methodical approach.  The keys are alien and dangerous even in ‘The Determining Line,’ and the guitars match them.  The result is one of the best songs on the album and a slow but harrowing mini epic that feels grimy and evil.  The drums and bass standout and keep the song interesting as it moves towards clean vocals that overlap with the extreme ones.  This particular song feels like it is going to explode but keeps the music inside to fester and gain power.

The album ends on the excellent ‘Black Angel,’ and the melodic bass is immediately gripping.  The drums and guitar creep up with their heaviness as the bass continues its walk down another path.  The song settles quickly into a slow groove, all these elements coming together.   The song moves like a fog—everywhere and impenetrable until the later half when it speeds up greatly before slowing back down to end the album. All in all, DIMENTIANON’s ‘Chapter VI:  Burning Rebirth,’ is a solid album that melds different genres together in a way that feels both expansive and natural.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Musicianship: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Inimica Malevolentia
2. Turn to Ash
3. Kneel Before Me
4. Come to Me in the Darkness
5. Placere Silere
6. Solitude in Whispers
7. The Determining Line
8. Our Dark History
9. To Be Dead Is Fatal
10. Black Angel
Matt Hass -  Drums, Cello
Joe Fogarazzo - Guitars, Bass, Glockenspiel
Mike Zanchelli - Vocals
Don Zaros - Keys, Vocals (clean)
Record Label: Paragon Records


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