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Dimentianon – Dreaming Yuggoth

Dreaming Yuggoth
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 06 September 2021, 9:09 AM

DIMENTIANON was created in January of 2002 after the original name THE FORGOTTEN from ‘95 was abandoned. The lineup included the original members, vocalist, M, and M. Weisbaum (Drums), and current members at the time J. Mroz (Bass), G. Layman (Guitar), and J. Fogarazzo (Guitar). The goal was to continue with their unique mixture of chaotic Black/Death and Doom Metal music. Line-up changes plagued the band with only M (vocals) remaining working with various members/line ups for the next nine years. In 2019 the line-up came together strong once again with new and returning members. The current line-up is Matt Hass (Drums), Don Zaros (Keyboards), and Joe Fogarazzo returning to the band on Guitar/Bass. Their newest offering here contains eleven tracks.

“Undying Bliss” leads off the album. It being with muted production and a seriously amateur sound. There is a chorus buried underneath the scratchy vocals, but it is somewhat hard to find. The chord progressions are at least interesting, but the amateur sound is very evident. Some piano notes accompany the Doomy ending. “Her Discordant Majesty” features some key notes buried in the background, along with overly-throaty vocals. The riff changes and some audible bass notes can be heard. “Smoke Rising” begins with clean, melancholy guitars, and whispered vocals. The main riff kicks in, and the Doomy elements prevail.

“Beyond the Scree” opens with more clean, melancholy tones, with a bit of keys to go along with the scratchy riff. The vocals are vile utterances that go deep, along with some clean vocals which is both surprising and unexpected. “Arx Laetus” begins with a slow groove of bass notes, distorted rhythms, and vile vocals. The music again shows potential, with the grinding, slow riff, but the vocals for me ruin much of said potential. They are just too throaty. “The Infinite Talisman” is an eight-minute beast, beginning with a haunting keyboard melody. Some clean vocals come in, but they are again amateur sounding. It drags out endlessly, like your hopes and dreams, being crushed before you.

“The Path Less Traveled” is another slow, grinding track of gloomy elements which are pleasing to me. But again, the vocals echo with strength and determination, overpowering the trite riffs and probationary sound. The clean guitars at the end are interesting. “Existential Reckoning” closes the album. It’s two-and-a-half minutes of clean, melancholic tones and some intriguing tones. It’s mesmerizing in its simplicity, almost Dungeon-Synth sounding for me…a rather nice ending to an album that is chocked full of unrealized potential.

The production is just awful, and the music is meh. At times, the sound is quite interesting. But that is the frustrating part to me…peaks of potential are around every corner, but don’t really have a place in the music for me. I much prefer the Doomier elements to the Black Metal elements, and the band does a fairly good job a mixing the two. But, the amateur quality of the music washes a lot of their potential away. You get the feeling that with some better production and closer attention to the songwriting, and the band might be onto something.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 3
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Undying Bliss
2. Dwelling into Madness
3. Her Discordant Majesty
4. …Till my Dying Breath
5. Smoke Rising
6. Dreaming Yuggoth
7. Beyond the Scree
8. Arx Laetus
9. The Infinite Talisman
10.The Path Less Traveled
11. Existential Reckoning
M – Vocals
Matt Hass – Drums
Don Zaros – Keyboards
Joe Fogarazzo – Guitars/Bass
Record Label: Paragon Records


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