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Dimma - Imorgon Börjar Allting Om

Imorgon Börjar Allting Om
by Dave Nowels at 12 May 2020, 9:56 AM

Welcome to a completely blind review of DIMMA, a quirky Hard Rock band from Uppsala, Sweden. That's about all I have to go on, with out having to put in hours of research trying to sort through bands named DIMMA that hail from all over Europe, Iceland etc. These guys have a meager Facebook page, that really provides nothing about the band, no website, and only a brief synopsis on the Transubstan Records page on Bandcamp. That's a horrible marketing plan fellas. I can't stress enough, if you're a new band, or a band trying to gain exposure, you have to help those that want to help you. There is no better feeling for a writer/reviewer than seeing a band you cover making it. But submitting a review copy of an album with no supporting press assets, and no web presence, gets you little forgiveness in my book. I'd have to be completely blown away by what I'm listening too, to be swayed, and that's just not happening here.

From what I can discern, DIMMA was founded by brothers Rikard (Guitar) and Jakob Jennische (Bass) back in 2000. The band has performed as a quartet and a trio, with vocalist Gustavsson bailing out in 2004, before apparently returning for this release. At least as far as I can tell. DIMMA might just be a big deal in Sweden, and even Europe for all I know. If they are, that's fabulous, and I'm really happy for them, and they won't give any thought to this one writer's opinion. All the album's song titles are in Swedish, so without significant research, I have no clue regarding theme, direction etc. In most situations, that's no big deal. Plenty of times I really enjoy artists and albums in a foreign language. Perhaps I'm just approaching this like the Simpson's, “old man yells at cloud” classic, but nothing about “Imorgon Börjar Allting Om” connects with me, even beyond the language barrier.

DIMMA seem to be trying to appeal to the 'Underground Rock' scene and it's fanbase, but the songs here are neither innovative or thought provoking. There's no garage band rawness, or enough of a Post-Punk production aspect to distinguish this beyond an amateurish attempt at breadcrumbing. What we're left with is an album with 9 tracks, clocking in at an unmemorable 38 minutes. Musically, things are okay I guess, though simple. The album begins with “Utan Betydelse”, and spends much of it's 4:23 trying to channel a USA 'Southern Rock' guitar swagger. Subtle time/tempo changes, but nothing of real substance, and rather boring overall.

I readily admit that I'm a vocals snob. A band's music could be cosmically enhanced, alternate consciousness inducing, and still be completely ruined by vocals that just don't mesh. That's what I feel here. Gustavsson's vocals somewhat reminded me of THE OFFSPRING's Bryan 'Dexter' Holland, in all his insufferable 'whiny' glory. There's just nothing here that entices me to want to listen, musically, vocally or beyond. There's a couple of cool riffs, “Försvinna I Dunkel” being the best of what being offered, and even it seems like a parody overall. Unless you're family of the band or already a fan (bless you, you're more forgiving than I). there's nothing here to entice new listeners. Past, present and future, this one is a hard pass.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 3
Memorability: 1
Production: 1


1 Star Rating

1. Utan Betydelse
2. Konstgjord Andning
3. Försvinna I Dunkel
4. En Plats Vid Horisonten
5. St. Johannesgatan
6. Insidan Ut
7. Troligen Inte
8. Imorgon Börjar Allting om
9. Ståplats I Nybroviken 
Rikard Jennische - Solo Guitar
Jakob Jennische - Bass Guitar,
Albert Gustavsson - Vocals
Olle Nilsson - Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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