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Dire Omen - Wresting The Revelation Of Futility

Dire Omen
Wresting The Revelation Of Futility
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 24 November 2014, 8:44 PM

Sometimes, we find some albums that can astonish us not for the quality of it as a whole, but for some aspects that are really strange a lot at first contact. And this is the impression Ol’ Big Daddy here had when dealing with the insane Canadian gang called DIRE OMEN, for “Wresting the Revelation of Futility” is a really trial in many ways.

Of course, at first hearing, the sound quality can make you get shivers on your spines, but when you get more and more into their music, you see that this same formula used many times to mix Death and Black Metal before, here gains some interesting touches. Yes, the aggressive part of it can sound like old GORGOROTH works (especially the drums tunes), but some slower moments, giving a terrorizing atmosphere to the songs are addicting, something mixing old DISMEMBER and MAYHEM. They’re not creating something new, but something very good.

The sound quality is extremely hard to deal with. It’s too raw and trying to sound aggressive in a way that really damages their work. It’s like a Death Metal band trying to sound as old Black Metal bands from earlier days from the 90’s had done. Of course you can sound nasty and raw, but a bit clean and with a minimum level of quality.

The songs are good a lot, especially (as said above) when they’re playing in a more way, but some fast moments are fine as well. Their best moments: “Onward with Wounds of Disillusion” (brutal and fast, but with very good slow tempos appearing here), the slow and abrasive “Hemotically Possessed” (what guitar riffs!), “Foretold Untethering from Existence”, and “Inversion of Samadhi”.

Of course these Canadian guys got a lot of potential, and this is their first work. And hope that on their next release, they can ally their musical personality with a good sound production.

3 Star Rating

1. Here and Hereafter (Overture)
2. Onward with Wounds of Disillusion
3. Ossuary
4. Hemotically Possessed
5. Servus Sevorum Dei
6. Foretold Untethering from Existence
7. Beyond Stillness
8. Convulsing Before the Vacuous Altar
9. Inversion of Samadhi
10. Closing the Portal
R. Rodas – Guitars, Vocals
C. Thompson – Bass
K. Trueblood – Drums
Record Label: Dark Descent Records


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