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Dirty Looks - California Free Ride (CD)

Dirty Looks
California Free Ride
by Grigoris Chronis at 09 November 2008, 1:39 PM

DIRTY LOOKS is as vintage as you like/know them to be. Gasoline (2007) was not something I'd fight for deeply (next CD Superdeluxe dunno 'bout) and it's really interesting to see what's Henrik Ostergaard up to this time, regarding the 'classic' Sleaze/Rock outfit's deeds.
Mastered by Anthony Focx (BANG TANGO, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, BUCKCHERRY), California Free Ride certainly has a notable energy willing to spread allover. The production is rockin' and filthy enough to apply to both e.g. AC/DC or THE CULT fans and - on the other edge - sleazin' followers of the American or Scandinavian scene. Henrick's throat gets nasty again (still, somehow weird in the mix, with some echo) and definitely fits the criteria of today regarding Sleaze Rock's patterns. You'll witness a similarity to e.g. CRASHDIET's songwriting melodies at times, still bear in mind DIRTY LOOKS's a band 'born' back in 1985 in San Fransisco's Bay Area (was just thinking of common things with fellow rockers VAIN).
Truth is tracks like Look In The Mirror, Shake That Thing and Only Child shall convince you bang along to the groove, while more mid-pace 'melodic' cuts like e.g. Burning Rain are not more than a couple but will actually shape the ground for some mild night drive. For more '80s mania' rockers, I did bring in mind - again, in the DIRTY LOOKS discography - the spirit of bands like KIX (e.g. in Strong Man). Furthermore, heaviness is another key point will shall not neglect, making the audition quite a dynamic experience.
As soon as DIRTY LOOKS got back on the road in 2007 they seem to work hard on continuous 'new' material. Filtering their own legacy, their love for AC/DC (Brass Bed rulez!) and what's 'hot' today in the Sleaze Rock scene, truth is California Free Ride proves to be a remarkably good album in the - anyway - typical formulas of the genre. Take a bite, let's propose.

3 Star Rating

California Free Ride
Look In The Mirror
Burning Rain
Only Child
Under My Skin
Strong Man
Come To My Party
Shake That Thing
Brass Bed
Clear Thought
Trip The Light (live)
Henrik Ostergaard - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Eric Brewer - Guitar
Ed Collins - Drums
Jack Pyers - Bass (on Under My Skin)
Record Label: Perris Records


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