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Dis Orcus - Somnambulistic Visions

Dis Orcus
Somnambulistic Visions
by Tatianny Ruiz at 29 July 2018, 11:48 AM

Here we are to talk about Black Metal again and now with the debut of the Ukrainian band DIS ORCUS, the album "Somnambulistic Visions"', released by Forever Plagued Records on July 27, 2018 and that comes marking the rooted side of the Black scene which escapes the innovations by which the genre has passed. We're talking about a really short album with only six tracks and none past 7:31, which does not make it massive and tiring, but we can find what Black Metal does at its best with a rough production that puts you in a horrifying delirium.

It has been the new times for Black Metal with all this atmosphere and new elements being absorbed by many bands, and I have mentioned many times that this new line of attack has opened some new doors for the sector yet we still need bands that keep alive the central image of the genre.   Itis almost a war of titans within the genre and DIS ORCUS has taken its place embracing from this first work all the Machiavellian and delusional chaos that good clues should have. There is nothing very innovative here.  We speak of direct instrumentation with throbbing guitar lines, the drum kit working in a direct and striking way and it is clear what Lucifug's spit and hallucinatory vocal brings a good load of frantic madness to this album.  Add to it vampiric elements in the background and tracks like "Alone In The Empty Space" and "Somnambulistic Visions" have led to the beginning of madness.

An interesting fact here is that although the band proposes to escape from the atmospheric tendency of the moment you will find rhythms detached from the roots that dissipate the sonority briefly leading to an unexpected slowdown, and we must stop to listen carefully to what Haruspex, the instrumentalist of the band already known for his work with Primogenorum has to offer with this mix of frozen riffs to shiver the soul to the higher pitch.  This set runs like a vortex within the album creating a ghostly and perverse structure and "The Circles Of Fire And Dead" makes you look at the band with new eyes, so I really can not say that everything here is exactly within the proposal but it creates a very own identity for the band, which at this moment I believe is a more important primordial factor than worrying about how things are exactly the same. "Frozen In The Embrace Of Kokytos" emphasizes this thought.

But if what you want is to find the basics of "True Black Metal" then "Descending into Tartarus" catches the message by sinking the listener into a hypnotic, almost paranoid, rotating line that sets your attention while the slowness and icy atmosphere seems to pull by foot. And yes, I spoke of atmosphere, I believe it is impossible to say that there is no such thing on this album, but the interesting thing here is just how it is used and it is obvious that many things have sounded similar to each other for many bands but DIS ORCUS knows how to make one good use of what they have on hand and hover between the blackened roots of the genre to the invigorating side of the new trend. Certainly the band turns instinctively within their own sonority. Highlight for "Scorched Holy Earth".

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9


4 Star Rating

1. Alone In The Empty Space
2. Somnambulistic Visions
3. The Circles Of Fire And Dead
4. Frozen In The Embrace Of Kokytos
5. Descending into Tartarus
6. Scorched Holy Earth
Haruspex - All Instruments
Lucifug - Vocals
Record Label: Forever Plagued Records


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