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Disarm Goliath - Wisdom & War

Disarm Goliath
Wisdom & War
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 07 January 2017, 11:42 AM

English bands will always have to deal with the historical importance of the country to Metal. It’s the land that gave birth to Metal, and the land from where it arose again during the NWOBHM to conquer the world. So every band of the country will have a great responsibility on their shoulders. DISARM GOLIATH is a veteran from those haunted and misty shores that is active since the 90s, and now is presenting their new album, “Wisdom & War”.

The band does nothing that you hadn’t heard before. It’s just the old and good traditional Heavy Metal in the vein of NWOBHM, with good melodies, fine instrumental technique and good vocals. But it really isn’t anything different from many bands we heard before. It is good, but not something personal, that we could say that have their musical has a different musical DNA. The sound quality is another weak point of the album. It is not something that sounds clean and powerful as their music needs, but it tries to bring back that old feeling from the recordings from the 80s. It does not work today, when you have many ways to record an album with a powerful sound. It tries to sound in a raw and energetic way, but it affected the balance between weight, sound clarity and aggressiveness.

As an album recorded in the 80s, “Wisdom & War” has nine tracks. Their best moments can be heard on “Wrath of the Gods” (it sounds like a Power Metal song on its beginning due the shredding on guitars, but soon becomes heavier and full of energy), the good technical work on the hooking “Look Me in the Eye”, the bitter slow tempos of “A Good Day for the Crows”, the good melodies on “Descent to Madness”, and the aggressiveness shown on “Soul Destroyer”. But the band has too much potential to create something better than we hear on the album.

Better luck next time…

Originality: 5
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Wrath of the Gods
2. Look Me in the Eye
3. A Good Day for the Crows
4. Oceans of Space
5. Old as Sin
6. Descent to Madness
7. Redemption in Blood
8. Two Worlds
9. Soul Destroyer
Steve Bell – Vocals
Anthony Ellis – Guitars
Steve Beville – Guitars
Steve Surch – Bass, backing vocals
Karl Wade – Drums 
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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