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Disbelief - Worst Enemy (CD)

Worst Enemy
by Manolis Moundrianakis at 19 May 2001, 9:44 PM

DISBELIEF is a German death metal band with two already existing albums, and now they are releasing their third killer in the extreme music named 'WORST ENEMY' which should be considered as a great 'piece' of music..

It looks as DISBELIEF have outdone themselves in this album since it seems that a great amount of effort was put in creating it. 'WORST ENEMY' is a very technical piece of work filled with an awesome groove, combined with some really hellish guitar riffs enabling it to be judged as something original (which is also something really rare these days). Each song of the CD will keep the listener interested and will guarantee to 'awake' your primal instinct of aggressiveness and fill your soul with darkness and a kind of 'sick' melancholy brought to you by Karsten's illfull vocals in combination with the rest of the band's music. Generally speaking the 'WORST ENEMY' is an album which combines several kinds of feelings and styles.

One thing that has to be noticed in the production area of the 'WORST ENEMY' is that in some parts of the songs it got a bit noisy and confusing but still this couldn't have worked as something negative for the album's general outfit.

DISBELIEF guarantee to blow your head away with 'WORST ENEMY' an excellent album full of creativity and inspiration. So when you get to buy the CD listen to it and while listening think of who is YOUR worst enemy.

4 Star Rating

All or Nothing
Assassinate The Scars
Living Wreck
Jochen Trunk - Bass
Karsten Jager - Vocals
Oliver Lenz - Guitar
Jan Dirk Loffler - Guitar
Kai Bergerin - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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