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Discard - Carrion (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 December 2007, 1:27 PM

One more band that I come across for the first time in my life arrives at the Metal Temple headquarters and I carefully examine this release to see if I can understand anything about this band. But wait! That's why we have the internet! Let's see what we can find about these guys. Hmmm, it seems the only albums I get to review lately are debut albums from various bands…

It seems there is something wrong with Finland the last years and instead of melancholic Goth stuff, this country only comes up with Thrash/Death/Grind bands! It is probably a sign of the times, since as many people say the future of Metal is hidden in its extreme side. Anyway, let's examine the debut album of this Finnish Thrash/Death Metal band.

DISCARD are alive for only three years and their only releases before this album were two demo CD's (one in 2004 and one in 2006). The band's style is a mix between relentless Thrash Metal and European Death Metal (mostly Swedish style), something that makes them get closer to the brutal NWOSDM scene. Their music is exactly what you can imagine, brutal vocals (both harsh and guttural), razor sharp guitar work and relentless rhythm section. The clean vocals are very limited, since DISCARD pay more attention on brutality and groove, rather than spending their composing skills to easy listening melodies.

The production kicks some major ass (nothing I didn't expect) and the effort the band has put in this album is more than good. The fact is that such releases are flooding the market and I don't see any reason why someone should spend his money on every single melodic Thrash/Death album out there.

The band shows that it has potential to avoid falling into the hole of mediocrity; at least it managed to avoid it in its debut album. I expect much better things from DISCARD and I wish these guys all the best since they are really talented. Suggested only to those who are die-hard fans of the specific sound and would not mind listening to one more just good album from a melodic Thrash/Death band. At least these guys know the word groove and do not irritate us with meaningless songs.

3 Star Rating

Bleeding lead
Draconian Measures
The True Northern Mindset
Bury The Sun
The Antagonist
Circles Of Bonedust
Will Above Will
Heikki Miettinen - Vocals
Ohto Jaatinen - Guitar
Janne Roiha - Guitar
Mikko Kytosaho - Bass
Toni Ronkainen - Drums
Record Label: Shadow World Records


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