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Disconnected Souls - Warring Elements

Disconnected Souls
Warring Elements
by John Foley at 27 October 2021, 6:15 AM

Hailing from the North West in the UK we have DISCONNECTED SOULS and their new E.P titled “Warring Elements". The project was first out together in band member MATTHEW FLETCHER'S home studio and had its roots as a side project to his original band. The projects sound is a mix of metal, classical and electronic with gothic influences. Some of the bands influences include NIGHTWISH, DELAIN, LACUNA COIL and EXIST IMMORTAL.

The E.P opens with the intro track “Emergence” and right from the start we get that synth which gives us a hint at the atmosphere that is to come. Keyboard melodies come in then drums and some frantic sounding electric keyboard melodies mixed with some deep sounding guitars. This just gives us a taste as it leads into the first song of the E.P which is “Divergence”. With the intro here we get gothic waves of synth with some heavy sounding guitars. The haunting vocals from HOLLY ROYLE then creep in and this track reminded me of something from the EVANESCENCE album “Fallen". Her vocals here sound soft as the aggressive vocals of Patrick Lloyd come in and we sort of get this vocal trade off between the two. Some cool riffs are present and the instrumentation is really interesting.

Next up we have “Oathbreaker" which opens with a cool guitar lick with the kick drum giving it some life and it does get you moving a bit as the keyboards and synth joins in. The track then transcends into this epic but haunting sound. This song is mixed with many styles that flow into each other. After that we have “Deviate” with a clean guitar opening with a piano line that complements it as the guitars then go heavy with the synths. A nice sing along chorus section comes along which reminded me a little of something in the style of LACUNA COIL. The two vocalists work well with bouncing off of each other and there is a hint of groove with the guitars here.

“Shatter” is up next and this song feels like a sort of ballad type of song from the start. With a nice piano melody this tune is almost feel dream like at times. The growls and heavy guitars come in for a bit as the synth keep that atmosphere going throughout. This title track “Warring Elements” has a good energy from the start and sounds like a floor filler at a goth club. The guitars come crashing down as the song switches throughout. There are some killer riffs thrown in and a nice build to something epic sounding with rap like vocals over it. We are then hit with a breakdown that then leads to another heavier and slower breakdown with a mix rap style vocals and death growls. Very cool song.

The last track here and it is “Mischievous Spirits” with haunting atmospheric synths from the start and some nice melodies thrown in with the keyboards. The guitars creep in to add substance. Like track one on this E.P this one is also an instrumental that helps book end the E.P. DISCONNECTED SOULS  have so ma y haunting melodies throughout “Warring Elements”. Both the male and the female vocals seem to rival and compliment each other at times. The songs here seem to come to an abrupt end, it would have been nice to hear a fleshed out outro to these songs. The dark wave sounding synths work well with the heavy guitars as we have interesting song structures and instrumentations. The synths really create a sometimes haunting and sometimes dream like atmosphere throughout.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Emergence
2. Divergence
3. Oathbreaker
4. Deviate
5. Shatter
6. Warring Elements
7. Mischievous Spirits
Holly Royle – Vocals, keyboards and Programming
Patrick Lloyd – Vocals and Programming
Matthew ‘Fletch' Fletcher – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals and Programming
Tim Jenkins – Synth, Guitar and Programming
Record Label: Independent


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