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Discreation - Withstand Temptation

Withstand Temptation
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 20 July 2010, 10:07 AM

German Death Metal, huh? This should be interesting since it has been some time since I last listened to a nice Death Metal album from Germany and I just hope “Withstand Temptation” proves to be the solution to this “problem”. Their national team disappointed me against Spain, so let’s hope this quintet can do better…

DISCREATION have gathered elements from both the European and the US Death Metal scenes, creating a mixture that can be characterized as unique to say the least. There is enough brutality to please Death Metal fans in here, yet there is also enough melody to make “Withstand Temptation” more “reachable” to people outside the Death Metal sound. The album features a wide variety of sounds, since there are groovy parts for your headbanging pleasure, chaotic Death Metal outbreaks 100% suitable for your home moshes and some melodic breaks as mentioned above. The fact is that despite all these, “Withstand Temptation” didn’t manage to become a “permanent resident” in my CD player, since it wasn’t able to maintain the same level of interest as it did in the beginning.

Yes, DISCREATION’s sophomore full-length work continues to show that the band has huge potential to write and perform damn fine brutal music; the fact is that the band hasn’t taken full advantage of its talent. At least that’s my humble opinion. “Withstand Temptation” though remains a trustworthy option for all you deathsters out there and hopefully an appetizer for what is to follow by these maniacs.

3 Star Rating

  1. Liberation
  2. Rust
  3. Virgin Mother
  4. Breeding Terror
  5. Set The Memories Ablaze
  6. Worth Fighting For
  7. Captured And Freed
  8. Symphony Of Broken Bones Pt.1
  9. Symphony Of Broken Bones Pt.2
Kai - Vocals
Sebastian - Guitar
Dave - Guitar
Peter - Bass
Michael - Drums
Record Label: SAOL/H’Art


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