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Disembody - Reigniting Hellfire

Reigniting Hellfire
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 25 May 2022, 1:12 PM

What’s labeled as Black/Thrash Metal (or Thrash/Black Metal, as you like to call it) is a subgenre with deep roots in the 80’s, more precisely on the early works of German Thrash Metal acts KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and SODOM, but with some references to SLAYER on the age that goes from “Show No Mercy” to “Hell Awaits”. It can be done on an old fashioned way or on a younger format, so it’s up to the musicians to choose what they want to do. And some surprises can be heard on DISEMBODY’s first album, “Reigniting Hellfire”.

The Finnish duo comes with an Old School form of Black/Thrash Metal based on a mix of influences of SODOM and SLAYER (this last one is the reason for some melodic touches and technical arrangements inherited of JUDAS PRIEST’s classics of the 70’s). Such words depicts a tendency to make something nearer of the 80’s, without the astonishing modern speed of many. But don’t get the wrong idea: this band shows personality, and even needing to mature a bit more, their music is catching and filled with many hooks. And what amazing energy flows from this album. The production was done in an old fashioned tendency, with the need to emulate the organic outfit of the past. But things were done in a defined way that allows the fans to understand what is being expressed. It’s not in the point the band’s music needs, but it’s near of it.

Although their musical work still sounds immature in some points (due the evident traces of their musical influences), their music has a great potential. Songs as “Out for Blood” (a massive onslaught of Old School guitar riffs and excellent snarls in the vein of Jon Nodtveidt), “Black Magick Doom” (a fast strike based on a good technical work, and a brutal weight is heard on bass guitar and drums), “In the Outer Darkness” (the clear influences of filthy Black/Thrash Metal melodies can be heard in some arrangements on this one), “Troops of Damnation” (what lovely extreme instrumental hooks can be heard here), “Legions of Black Fire” (what good rhythmic contrasts), and “Blackthrashing Fist” (a brutal song in an Old School concept, filled with a catchy energy) testify these words. And as bonus for the fans, here are the songs of their first EP released on 2019, “Diabolical Deathstrike”, and they are “Diabolical Deathstrike”, “Merciless Attack”, “Evil Unchained”, “Altar of Degradation” and “Infernal Curse”, all of them being great songs as well.

For now, DISEMBODY is really a promising name, and “Reigniting Hellfire” is really showing that they have fire in their veins to be great in the near future.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Out for Blood
3. Black Magick Doom
4. In the Outer Darkness
5. Descending into Infernal Realms
6. Devil’s Possession
7. Troops of Damnation
8. Legions of Black Fire
9. Abysmal Hellstorm
10. Blackthrashing Fist
11. Diabolical Deathstrike
12. Merciless Attack
13. Evil Unchained
14. Altar of Degradation
15. Infernal Curse      
J. J. - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
A.H. - Drums
Record Label: Hellprod Records


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