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Disharmony - Goddamn The Sun

Goddamn The Sun
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 19 June 2017, 1:06 PM

DISHARMONY is an Old-School Black Metal band from Greece, when the movement was just burgeoning. They release three demo’s and an EP from 1991-1993 and then broke up in 1996. In 2016 however, long-time fans of the band Iron Bonehead Productions gathered their material together and re-released it on LP and CD. Rising from the ashes, DISHAMONY is back in 2017 with the long awaited debut, “Goddamn the Sun,” which contains ten tracks. “Invocation – Troops of Angels” has a slow build from keyboard effects and with guitar, bass and drum soon joining in. It has a marching rhythm, like an army gathering on the twilight of a war. The spoken words create a haunting sound and a foreshadowing of what is to come, when he speaks of “angels being thrown from Heaven…and now…void.” “The Gates of Elthon” takes a short introduction before the Black Metal vocals enter the fray, replacing the prior spoken words. Guitar and vocals work together in a very straightforward 1-2-3-4 rhythm, and the riffs seem to come from NWOBHM influence, rather than a “wall of sound” you sometimes hear in this genre.

“Summon the Legions” has a similar sound. The production is muted but not overly so, and that galloping rhythm is ever-present. Without the vocals and blast-beat drumming I am not sure the Black Metal label is totally accurate. The guitar riffs are more in the Thrash realm for me. “War in Heaven” sound like the accursed aftermath of an epic battle between angels and arch-angels, and the burned out landscape that would ensue. It’s a depressing sort of sound, and those chilling female vocals underscore this. A very mesmerizing track. “Praise the Fallen” has a spooky sound; a ritual of sorts, offering souls to the King of Hell through a speedy riff and charging rhythm, while “Whore of Babylon” is a shorter affair, with more a focus on more of the instrumentation, and a grandiose presentation. The Whore of Babylon is a female figure of evil associated with the Christian rapture as told in the Book of Revelations.

“Third Resurrection” could be referring to an abomination of the resurrection of Christ. The mysterious organ notes certainly hint at something foreboding in the occult theme. Once again a noticeable rhythm ensues, complete with declarative clean spoken vocals, bringing with it a hasty sound to close the album. Rooted in the origins of the style, but branching out with its own unique path, “Goddamn the Sun” is a Black Metal album that fans of the genre will enjoy. They capitalize on rhythms that really provide the backbone for the tracks, and work in imagery that will frighten you for sure.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Invocation – Troops of Angels
2. The Gates of Elthon
3. Elochim
4. Summon the Legions
5. War in Heaven
6. Rape the Sun
7. Praise the Fallen
8. Whore of Babylon
9. The Voice Divine
10. Third Resurrection
Damien King III - Vocals
Deathstalker - Guitars
Echetleos - Bass
N.C.M - Piano/Keyboards
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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