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Disharmony - Messe de Minuit

Messe de Minuit
by Gary Hernandez at 24 November 2019, 5:05 AM

Not only are there multiple metal bands named DISHARMONY, but even in Athens, Greece there are two. This review covers the latest EP from the Black Metal DISHARMONY which also identifies itself with the tag "Tagma Magia," thus indicating they are a magical order. Although DISHARMONY has been around since 1990 and released three demos from 1991 -1993, their current incarnation has only been active since 2017 with their first and only full-length album, “Goddamn the Sun.” Since “Goddamn the Sun” there has been one lineup change with the exit of Deathstalker (guitars) and introduction of Mephistopheles (guitars). On November 28, 2019 Iron Bonehead Productions will re-issue the recent “Messe de Minuit” EP (trans: midnight mass).

The re-issue includes the original four tracks of cold, black metal which appeared on the previous release of “Messe de Minuit” and adds one bonus track. The bonus track is not so much a song as a ritual/theatric piece. Like numerous Black Metal bands, DISHARMONY refers to themselves not only as a band but as performative ritual art. Hence you get things like spoken word narratives, which show up in “Hail the Witch,” as well as works like “Midnight Mass.” I suppose this is appealing to some people (or else why would so many bands do it?). Personally, I find it self-indulgent. The EP kicks off with “Hail the Witch,” which opens with atmospheric synths invoking images of thin fog and thick darkness. Damped riffs then build the tempo and double bass drums hammer in. Damien King III’s vocals, though raspy, are articulate. Echetleos creates a jazz-like bass line that, thanks to some good production work, you can hear distinct and separated from the din of gray. Some spoken word narrative hits at about the 3:30 mark, but is mercifully short.

The second track, “By the Moonlight,” has a punkish groove which, rendered Black, is pretty damned awesome. Mephistopheles is a creative guitarist who takes the tremolo standard to new levels and can also lay out a mean solo. This is a definite standout track on the album. “Into the Tomb” is another riff-heavy track. The drums are clearer than most Black Metal albums, which is good because Maelstrom does some superb work. This track has a bit of a Power Metal feel to it and is a departure from the abyss pondering theme of the other tracks. The final proper track, “Corpus Christi,” is a stunning. It starts us off with a darkly emotive solo backed by choral synths. These build in urgency and proportion until it cracks the levee with a flood of melodic riffs and hoarse vocals that pull together in a killer composition. The track treats us to another incredible solo by Mephistopheles and then ends in a mosh-inducing avalanche of riffs.

All together, “Messe de Minuit” is evenly produced, compelling piece of Black Metal. Ironically, for a band called DISHARMONY, their music is anything but disharmonious. I could have done without the bonus track, but it is a bonus and by definition not compulsory so I’m pretty sure I’ll get over it. There’s some scalding guitar work on this beast and the melodic rhythms will bring you back over and over again.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Hail the Witch
2. By the Moonlight
3. Into the Tomb
4. Corpus Christi
5. Midnight Mass (bonus)
Damien King III – Vocals
Echetleos – Bass
Maelstrom – Drums
N.C.M. – Keyboards
Mephistopheles – Guitars
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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Edited 08 July 2020

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