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Dishonour The Crown - The English Way Award winner

Dishonour The Crown
The English Way
by Craig Rider at 25 October 2018, 3:08 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DISHONOUR THE CROWN; unsigned independantly, hailing from England - performing crossover Hardcore Punk/Thrash Metal/Grindcore, on their debut album “The English Way” (released September 10, 2018).

Since formation in 2012; the band in question have an EP entitled: “Gone To The Dogs” (which was released on October 20th, 2012), a Demo entitled “Same Shit Different Decade” (released on August 19th, 2018), and this here debut album entitled: “The English Way”. 11 tracks ranging at around 42:17; DISHONOUR THE CROWN arrange an intricately designed formula of concretely hard-hitting Hardcore Punk/Thrash Metal amalgamations, developing fierce distinction that chugs with chaos while galloping with meticulous mayhem - this here band assault with amplified extremity. The titular track begins the record; unleashing vehement versatility; utilized with profusely robust ramifications in which rage with rampaging onslaughts of persistent stampedes that are fuelled with flamboyantly composed energy.

Consisting of Tom ‘Kingsize’ Hennessy; the vocalist consistently contrasts with gritty pipes of grunty, guttural growls of savagely sinister skill. “Weakened To The Bone” conveys bouncy captivation, hardened hymns with relentlessly thunderous stabilty. Complex, dextrous duo: Ron D & Lew Berl efficiently balance diligently blistering crunchiness that dominate with fluidly polished sound production – culminated with rapidly swift nimbleness in songs like “DTC” & “New Ways To Heal”. Brad Hanson on drums batters with hammering adrenaline, demonstrating elements that implement catchy grooves and borderline foundation of punchline maliciousness in the epic EXODUS-esquire track “Contradictions” - capturing progressively technical thrash subjugations that will make anyone break chairs over other chairs.

Craig Daws on bass distributes adroitly audible pummelling raspiness, in songs like “Same Shit Different Decade” - executing a grandiose manifestation of magnificent songwriting originality, established with memorable sound production creativity. Frolicking with primitive malignance, diverse craftsmanship and slamming viciousness – as “Bitter Taste” inventively and infectiously injects organic substances of deadly aesthetics, converged with crushing dynamics with harmonically melodious results. Examining experimental finesse in the fabricated “Become Deceased”, embellished on firepower with constructively distinguished grandures of hostile orchestration - DISHONOUR THE CROWN exercise with efficacious speediness, riveting solidity and stunning stomps of silver lining effectiveness.

Reckless Minds” advances and evolves with more powerful performances, transforming into monstrously behemoth blasting of intensifying devastation - delightfully and elegantly converged into conceptual musicality. “Officer Down” happened to be a most notable listen; after a few times of listening to the record, this one grabs me by the balls with its supremely snappy hooks and exquisitely enlightening breakdowns – this one excels with fulfilling yet boistrous entertainment that will barrage the berserker within you, unleashing systematic slabs of sharp hastiness. Overall concluding “The English Way” with the finale track: “Strength Beyond Strength”; I discovered an incredibly concise band that for their debut, they certainly outdone themselves here…I am very much looking forward to their next release, and hope to catch them live one day!

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Sound Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. The English Way
2. Weakened To The Bone
3. DTC
4. New Ways To Heal
5. Contradictions
6. Same Shit Different Decade
7. Bitter Taste
8. Become Deceased
9. Reckless Mind
10. Officer Down
11. Strength Beyond Strength
Tom “Kingsize” Hennessy - Vocals
Ron D - Guitars
Lew Berl - Guitars
Craig Daws - Bass
Brad Hanson - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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