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Disinter - Breaker of Bones Award winner

Breaker of Bones
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 January 2023, 3:26 PM

Going on hiatus is not a strategy of a band to become greater in the future (as some 80’s Metal acts are doing today, when in the 80’s, they were seen as a carbon copy of anyone else, or not worthy of attention), but’s a need. Some musicians have to earn a life, to feed their families and pay the bills, and as Metal isn’t a rentable scene (if you’re not a giant), they have to have parallel and daily works to keep their own lives. And maybe it’s the reason that made the North American cult legend DISINTER to take 18 years between their last recording (“Designed by the Devil, Powered by the Dead”, recorded at 2004, but released on 2014) and “Breaker of Bones”, their latest album. If one hasn’t heard their name before, the quintet was born in 1990, so their musical work is the most traditional Death Metal one can ask (besides with some technical improvements, as the fast blast beats heard on songs as “Corrode Into Nothing”), in the same vein of acts as DEATH, MONSTROSITY, INCANTATION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, IMMOLATION, and many others.

But don’t take the wrong conclusions or ideas: these guys are from a time where clones weren’t as valuable as today, so be prepared to have your ear massacred by a Death Metal onslaught imposed with personality. It’s full of energy, fresh, alive, brutal and traditional ate the same time. What are you waiting for? Recorded at Mercenary Digital Studios, having the sound engineered done by Scott Creekmore, and the production of Mike LeGros and Michael “Bats” Martocci (the founding members of the quintet), all a Death Metal fan can expect of a sonority of and album of the genre is found: harsh and brutal, but defined and sounding in a form that anyone can understand. Be prepared, because this sonority fits, and allows the ears to have the best of the band’s music.

Musically, this album deserves its name, for “Breaker of Bones” is an excellent release. But it is as well a classroom for those that think that brutality is linked somehow to the sonority, or to a set of instrumental tunes. Pay attention to these Death Metal teachers in moments as “Corrode Into Nothing” (where one can check how the influences of Thrash Metal entered Death Metal, and what great work of bass guitar and drums), “Breaker of Bones” (again a frantic and caustic set of rhythms create the right support for a storm of excellent guitar riffs), “Assertation of Belief” (some unusual broken tempos appears before the outbreak of speed and vicious riffs, and de contrasts between the grunts and screams of the vocals is excellent), “Curse of Eternal Night” (another fast and brutal song based on a rhythmical massacre of bass guitar and drums, with very good rhythmic changes), “Cold Cell Torture” (this one slows down the typical fast rhythms of the band, increasing the abrasive ambience of the band’s music, with the presence of some parts influenced by Groove, without mischaracterize their music, and what great guitars again), “Red Queen” (a song that’s not fast, but shows the influences of Thrash Metal and traditional Heavy Metal inherited by Death Metal in some moments), “Bring All of Hell” (this is a clear proof of how Hardcore/Punk Rock influenced a lot the genre due its mischievous and great hooks), and “Silent Manipulation”. You won’t regret the experience!

As final words, it’s great to have a veteran as DISINTER back in the ring, ready to knock out some people with “Breaker of Bones”.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Corrode Into Nothing
2. Breaker of Bones
4. Assertation of Belief
5. Curse of Eternal Night
6. Cold Cell Torture
7. Red Queen
8. Bring All of Hell
9. Destroyed by Hate
10. Silent Manipulation
Casey Loving - Vocals
Mike “Bats” Martocci - Guitars
Mike LeGros - Guitars
Jon Billman - Bass
Max Colunga - Drums
Record Label: Pest Records


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