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Dismemberment – Arc Of Ancients

Arc Of Ancients
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 18 November 2019, 10:45 PM

Based out of Ohio, DISMEMBERMENT is a Metal band from formed in 2010 by brothers Luke and Jacob Shively, bassist J.D. Henderly and drummer Taylor Emerine. Inspired by bands of the past, drawing inspiration while injecting a unique breed of aggression and fury. A cohesive blend of different styles and a breath of fresh air into what has become predictable and stagnated modern Metal. This is only their second full-length album despite being together for 10 years. Previous album Embrace the Dark was released in 2014. Let’s see what the guys have put together.

Not to be confused with Brutal Death Metal band of the same name, DISMEMBERMENT from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their only release was a split in 2009: Modus Delicti / Clitoridus Invaginatus / Dismemberment

A Path Beyond” is full of intensity from the off. The balance is easy to establish from the off too, it holds together very well. Vocals are clear, easy to follow, which is a huge bonus in any song. The melody ticks away nicely, just keeps goes. It does pick up pace, but it’s controlled very well so it doesn’t lose anything. As a first (vocal) song of the album, it opens it up very well. You can hear the talent and you know the rest of the album, if it follows suit, will be awesome.

Through Earth and Steel…” continues with the intense pace, the instrumentalists are seemingly in their element, creating harmonic sound and melody. The aggression in the vocals work along with the pulsating instrumental melody. The balance works perfectly across the song as a whole. The cleaner cut solo adds a new sound for us to appreciate, it’s a stroke of genius which takes us through the rest of the song. The feel of the album, at this point is huge. The melody works so well for the band. They certainly know their strengths.

Beneath Bitter Frost” has a bit of a technical stance to it from the off. There is even a TESTAMENT style sound from the vocals which adds a good addition. The intense melody is still in full flow at this point of the song and album. The band have come together in this melody to create a new approach, along with the addition and more emphasis on the cleaner cut guitar riffs added. The balance is not effected, it still solid, even if it is a bit more Melo Death. Not a bad thing at all

Winds of Tribulation” is still kicking out the Thrash styles of TESTAMENT well, it’s not letting off the pace one bit. Heads will bang and feet will along to this song. The blend of guitar styles works a real treat, they come together in harmony to create a great mix up. The song combines modern thrash with a few outbursts to homage the old school styles. You feel that it could go on longer, but it doesn’t need to. It leaves you wanting more

Perdition's Flame” has a good build up for the starter, sounds like they are approaching it in the same way as TOXIC HOLOCAUST do with some of their stuff, this of course is a compliment to styles. It does have a more Death Metal theme on the sound, by slightly slowing it down, the chords are thicker and deeper. It’s a good sound to progress the album. The vocals are still similar to TESTAMENT but the instrumentalists play out the style to create a sound the band can call their own.

From reading this review you will have seen me reference TESTAMENT a few times. I’m sure when you hear the album you can recognize the similarities. That being said, TESTAMENT are a powerhouse in thrash, so of course their sound will be emulated in other bands. What DISMEMBERMENT do, is take the sounds they have mixed up with their own ideas, doing so creates their own Thrash sound, and it is good. A solid album that any thrash band trying to make a career would be happy with

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. From the Depths (Instrumental)
2. A Path Beyond
3. Through Earth and Steel…
4. Beneath Bitter Frost
5. Winds of Tribulation
6. Perdition's Flame
7. Now as One
8. Once Forsaken
9. Final Outcome
Jacob Shively – Guitars & Backing Vocals
J.D. Henderly – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Luke Shively – Guitars & Vocals
Taylor Emerine – Drums
Record Label: Creator-Destructor Records


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