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Disordered - Carnal Materialism

Carnal Materialism
by Tim Bolitho-Jones at 21 August 2015, 5:42 PM

Now this is disappointing. On July 27th of this year, German four-piece DISORDERED announced the end of their life as a band, after three and a half years performing together. This is a real shame because their sole album “Carnal Materialism” is not just good, it’s bloody great. It’s a raw, gravel throated and highly aggressive strain of old school Death Metal, bursting with energy and clearly played by guys that love this genre. It’s a fitting swansong and no mistake; it’s just irritating because this is all we’ll ever get from them.

Unusually for music of this type however, the best tracks are saved for the second half. Death Metal has a habit of kicking off nicely but then falling into a mid-album slump, but DISORDERED just get better as the album progresses. The first few songs are decent, but it’s when they reach “Dissolution” that business really picks up.  Opening with a high-pitched scream and some pummelling riffs that clearly owe a debt to “Angel Of Death”, this is the first serious jaw-dropper on here. And it’s not alone either.

From this point on, DISORDERED don’t put a foot wrong. “Don’t Care” is Death Metal at its “grimace and nod” best, “Moonshine” is a surprisingly catchy anthem with a gang chorus tailor made for audience participation, and “Get Ready To Die”, proves you don’t need a keyboard to do melody well. “Modern Zombies” then ramps up the intensity for a short, nasty burst of Punky Death and “Division Of Doom” brings the heavy to the deepest register yet.

By the closing moments of “Beyond Memory”, all committed Death Heads should be convinced. This is a quality album that could stand toe-to-toe with any of the genre’s big names and it’s a real pity they’ve decided to call it a day. It may be a bit top heavy, but DISORDERED created some great music in their short lifespan.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Split Personality
3. Create Collapse
4. Mindless Masses
5. Dissolution
6. Don’t Care
7. Moonshine
8. Get Ready To Die
9. Modern Zombies
10. Division Of Doom
11. Beyond Memory
Horny - Bass
Sam - Drums
Fred - Guitars
Carsten - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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