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Display Of Decay - Art In Mutilation Award winner

Display Of Decay
Art In Mutilation
by Kayla Hutton at 01 June 2018, 7:07 AM

I’m sending you this review from beyond the grave. Apparently, I am dead. I come bearing a special secret message for all of you. THERE IS A HEAVEN! For my lifetime of decent deeds and minimal negative actions, I was delivered to a wonderful place where the speakers sound more amazing than you could ever imagine. Over the speakers plays a brilliantly constructed album of brutal death metal that combines every hair lifting moment from every song you’ve ever known and creates an ultra mega powerhouse of no mistakes, no,” well the first half of the album was good,” or “it was going great until the singer came in.”

DISPLAY OF DECAY, man, another Canadian band. What is in the water up there? You guys are extremely brutal. It was understandable coming from Florida, they are overloaded with old people, tourists, flying cockroaches, and hurricanes. But Canada? Really? All the rolling hills of green, free healthcare, and pot? Those elements would piss me off to the point of writing lyrics like: “Unleashing bloodthirsty rabid beasts to slaughter all that stands mind altered thoughts erased, they will never know, relentless violence has begun, bloodbath is at their hands, as they crush the living dead” which comes from “Forced Frontal Lobotomy.” This skull fckng masterpiece is the second track from the bands' album “Art in Mutilation.” Released May 18th 2018 via Gore House Productions and marking the bands' fifth release. You can hear some influences of NAPALM DEATH, DEICIDE (when they were good, meaning anything before “Legion”) and a little bit, just a little bit of CANNIBAL CORPSE“Forced Frontal Lobotomy” has some seriously sick drumming. Some skill that would put the military's fastest machine gun to shame.

“Condemned to Ash” is off the chart demonstrating just how solid and tight these guys are. Every musician has a respective place and they all accommodate each other as well pull off some transitions that most bands are messy at and cover up with a wall of cymbal crashes. DISPLAY OF DECAY has a totally different kind of groove. It’s not punchy it’s more like a bashing with a tempo of a zombie walk with unpredictable twitches. They also infuse blast beats in a very unique way that I haven’t heard before. Had I known this is what was waiting for me in heaven, I woulda offed myself years ago. It truly is paradise. I’m surrounded by the sound of everything I loved about the 90’s death metal, innovative new tricks that I doubt even have names yet, every instrument is 100% audible and district, the lyrics are grosser than a morticians resume, and the artwork. The artwork is a fine display of human meat and bloody gore. “Human Harvest” begins with the drum sequence of a guitar chugging and the guitar tremolos a higher melody before allowing some open chords to breathe. The lead guitar part is filled with some scaling of actual individual notes rather than the fast picking of a couple of notes. This means only one thing. The guitarist is actually fast and accurate, not just good at picking fast.

Oh Damn. It's over. Am I not dead? This isn’t heaven? That is unfortunate. Well looks like I did at least find my own little slice of what would be heaven for me. DISPLAY OF DECAY“Art in Mutilation.” If you are a death metal enthusiast and looking for a new thrill, this is it. And since this is the second band from Canada to just absolutely leave me astounded, may wanna keep your eye on what is going on up there. Ya never know, we may end up with a trademarked sound, Canadian Death Metal. Brutal.Sick.Extreme.Innovative. For being around since 2007, a little over 10 years, these guys have a perfectly ripe and harmonious balance of established style. It’s not fast for the sake of fast or gore lyrics for the sake of gore and a medical dictionary in hand. DISPLAY OF DECAY is not monotonous or regurgitating their influences. You can hear who they may be influenced by but it does not define them. The audio quality is great. On the PC speakers it sounded thicker than what these things normally crank out and in the car, it sounded like death metal with REALLY clean and crisp clarity.

From pit anthems to intricate playing identifiable sound and raspy deep growls, every reason you love death metal is inside the tracks that lay within “Art in Mutilation.”

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Unable to Identify
2. Forced Frontal Lobotomy
3. Living Monolith
4. Art in Mutilation
5. Condemned to Ash
6. Mortuary of Decay
7. Decimate
8. Human Harvest
Sean Watson - Lead Guitar
Jacob Maisonneuve - Bass Guitar
Avery Desmarais - Drums
Jessy Leduc - Vocals
Jack Lascelles - Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: Gore House Productions


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