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Disrule - Sleep In Your Honour Award winner

Sleep In Your Honour
by Dave Nowels at 21 November 2018, 5:49 AM

DISRULE is a Danish band formed in Denmark in 2014. Their album “Sleep In Your Honour” is their third release, and follow 2016’s “Omen Professor” full length and 2017’s “The MD.441 EP”. If you like quality Stoner metal, and in particular, low rumbling bass and distortion, DISRULE is a band you’re going to really like. 

Opening pretty abruptly with the title track, DISRULE had me wondering momentarily if my player was malfunctioning. That wasn’t the case at all. Rather, it was just a really unique method of starting a song. “Sleep In Your Honour” sets the tone for the album quite well. Heavy bass rumbles, distortion laden guitars tuned down at least two steps, thundering drums and reverb filled clean vocals. Citing all the usual suspects as influences, DISRULE manages to accomplish something many Stoner/Doom themed bands seem unable to do. Maintain originality. Anytime I see BLACK SABBATH and CLUTCH listed as a band’s influences, I already have a preconceived notion of what I’m going to hear. DISRULE is a rarity in the sense that while the influence is obvious, they still managed to utilize and capitalize on it to another level.  Originality in the genre is a rare thing, so immediately, the band captured my interest.

“Death On My Mind” seems to have shared vocals from Segalt and Nielsen, or perhaps that’s just masterful illusion. Regardless, I found it still another intriguing element that continued to raise my appreciation for what the band is laying out here. “Follow Me” is a rolling, growling sonic force that would be best experienced standing directly in front of an Orange stack. It’s the type of song that’s felt deep in your chest. The same could be said for “Going Wrong”, which accomplishes the desired effects while slowing down the pace with heavy riffs and thunderous drums and cymbal crashes one moment, and precision drum fills and epic bass runs the next.

Likely my favorite track is the ambitious “(Gotta Me Some) Control”. In a live setting, this song must be a monster, opening opportunities for drawn out grooves and jams. This is ballsy, confident and rewarding music so far. Absolutely refreshing. We begin to wind down with “How You Suffer” which shares a similar musical theme as “..Control”, yet still manages to stand on its own. The final track is another in your face, bass heavy rumbler, “Into The Void”. Clever riff usage prevails here.

“Sleep In Your Honour” is a fun album through and through. I found it quite enjoyable even after multiple listens, and in fact came to appreciate it more listening to it on my home speakers more than earbuds. It’s an album meant to be played loud, and as I said previously, it’s an album that should be felt as well. In a genre that seems to reward complacency, DISRULE have a swagger of creativity and innovation. Well done boys.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sleep In Your Honour
2. Death On My Mind
3. Follow Me
4.  Going Wrong
5. (Gotta Get Me Some) Control
6.  Occult Razor
7. How You Suffer
8. Enter The Void
Allan Segalt - Bass, Vocals
NP Nielsen - Drums, Vocals
Frank Sorensen - Guitar
Soren Dybdal – Guitar
Record Label: Seeing Red Records


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Edited 18 September 2019

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