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Disrupt the Signal – connection: LOST

Disrupt the Signal
connection: LOST
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 03 September 2020, 9:09 PM

DISRUPT THE SIGNAL is a 5-man metalcore band from Finland formed in 2019 making music for the fun of it. The band was first created by guitarist Henri Pigg and scream vocalist Joonas Hasu. They have released 3 singles before their first full album, in December 2019, and both and  in early 2020. After Unfair Fight was recorded the band sat down and began selecting the songs that would end up on the first album. After running through the demos, they were left with 11 songs (8 new songs plus the singles) that would form their debut album. The final title of the album became and the release date was set to June 14, 2020. A friend of the band, Aleksi Saarivirta began mixing the album. He had also mixed and mastered the single releases. The album was co-produced with the band’s second guitarist Sakari Raussi.

connection: LOST” was released on all major streaming platforms on June 14, 2020 under Tone Club Records, the band’s own record label. The last song on the album, was played on local Finnish radio station, Radio Kaakko when vocalist Matis Baudry was interviewed there. A “making of” video documentary about the recording process was released on the band’s YouTube channel June 21, 2020 and it was filmed and edited by bassist Teemu Vorho.

Vultures” starts us off with some very experimental sounding shit. It sounds more like Djent and Prog Metal than anything else. That is until the full instrumentalists kick in. The Unclean  vocals, I’m not gonna lie, I thought they were the clean cut until the clean vocals added their own sounds. The unclean aren’t bad, but maybe just not what I was expecting. The tempo set down is decent enough, mid-range from Metalcore in the whole, but still decent enough. Its not a bad start to the album, and if they keep up this kinda pace it’ll go down well.

Parasomnia” kicks off with a good pace once more. Would have made a good floor filler back when Metalcore was in its prime. The vocal style for unclean could be coarser, but they do go well with the beat. Clean vocals don’t seem to match as well though, they seem too slow. The longer the song goes on the better the vocals become. However, the chorus just makes me think it’s a cover the DREAM THEATER classic.

My Darkest Hour” goes back down the prog feel. The start vocals are clean, which suits songs like this. Which is the point, the vocals are progressive styled. This song, is the same as so many modern Metal songs, which is an issue because it lacks originality and will just blend in with so many others. The unclean vocal introduce a decent induction of pace into the song, even if just a brief change. I think this song just points out which style, for me, is better.

Masquerade” continues the Djent style openers. Luckily the unclean vocals come into place. The aggression is back in command once more and it leads the song better. The clean vocals seem more backing and to add depth, and for me, this works so much better. It’s a far more effective approach. It’s a hard-hitting short song, but it’s a good way to take the album back into the styles that most of the songs have.

The Uncrowned” is a little less intense and the clean vocals kicking it just makes it sound like the pop-style Metalcore bands we had to deal with in the 00’s. Dear God the shit band names are coming back to me, don’t worry I wont mention any. This song is severely lacking.

Feel Something” sounds leek a fucking lullaby. What are they going for to start? Wait, it’s a pointless intro that doesn’t go anywhere near the song. Thankfully, so far. Its official, the album peaked in the opening few songs and it now spiraling down, but with some style in sections and none in others.

Unfair Fight” is trying to add some Prog Metal, but also a good amount of speed. Good start from the instrumentals. Vocals are unclean, good match so far. Building up well. Then the clean vocals come in and lowers my expectations. The pace for most if the song is decent, but the clean vocals actually keep up and basically make me look kike a dick for my previous statement. This is actually the best mix of styles I have heard on this album so far, and if the other songs had mixed this well then the album would have scored higher from the off.

Heathen” hitting it hard once more, they may have picked up the album after that slump in the middle. The mix of vocals s still working along with the overall tempo and seeming direction of the song. Unclean hits and stirs shit right up, great idea and executed well for the short spell. Good song, again keeping the styles mixing and working.

Unbound” again with the higher intensity, reminds me of DEAD BY APRIL and how they started off. This is much better in form. Certainly, has some Djent and Prog mixing around, but it is done so well and is seemingly hitting the targets set down. An album like this is perfectly fine if it has songs like this.

Rise Above” seems more like the worse songs we had in the middle, that is the use of the cleaner vocals more air time, for me this song just wont work, plus it has the Hardcore style vocals, which never landed. The unclean vocals pick it back up when they can, but are then let down when replaced, again.

Paradise” just doesn’t quite hit the mark, it feels tired and lacking once more. It doesn’t do that bdly, but not a strong finish.

Ok, so first things first, I don’t think they need both vocal styles. The unclean is good enough to lead the line and I feel that the clean just doesn’t do enough to support the songs. It’s a decent album and it scores a fair result, but I want to hear more of how the good songs were hitting.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Vultures
2. Parasomnia
3.  My Darkest Hour
4. Masquerade
5. The Uncrowned
6. Feel Something
7.  Unfair Fight
8. Heathen
9. Unbound
10. Rise Above
11. Paradise
Joonas Hasu – Unclean Vocals
Matis Baudry – Clean Vocals
Henri Pigg – Guitars
Teemu Vorho – Bass Guitar
Sakari Raussi – Guitars
Unknown – Drums
Record Label: Tone Club Records


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