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Disrupted - Morbid Death

Morbid Death
by Tom Colyer at 26 August 2015, 9:48 PM

I sometimes forget how much I love Death Metal. That may sound like heresy, but it's true, I guess there are so many sub-genres and offshoots that the simpler things become obscured, but this sea of niche shite.

That's why it's so nice to be reminded every once in a while that Death Metal, not only exists, but that it beats the pants off of any of the other style with a big angry stick. DISRUPTED have done this nicely and after listening to their first full-length album, “Morbid Death”, I feel ready to go out and kill/maim/torture the next person I see.

The album opens with all the subtlety of a 12-inch penis covered in razor blades being slapped across your face on a cold Sunday morning. After that it pretty much just continues to waggle this deadly appendage in your face until there is nothing left but skull, blood and semen.

This is what works about European Death Metal; there is none of this niceness that has crept into American Death, the kind of kindness that makes them focus more on getting some pretty melodies into the music or an interesting riff or two. Rather with Death Metal from the continent, it is just all ferocity all the time. Which is really how it should be. Musically, everything about the album is perfect. The vocals are exactly what you want with this kind of pace and they blend seamlessly into the unrelenting wall of sound that the rest of the band has crafted. The pace barely lets up throughout the album and what brief moments there are of less than light speed blasts feel like they have been added simply to stop the drummer from spontaneously combusting. The production is excellent and nothing gets lost in translation, even through the terrible speakers I am using to blast this out currently. The aforementioned wall of sound can be quite difficult to maintain but they certainly manage it and you definitely get the sense that this sonic barricade isn't going to have any weak points.

Lastly, “Buried In Bowels” and “Behead The Dead” are possibly two of the best song titles I have heard in a very long time. Both of them have me conjuring up some exciting imagery.

Whether you've forgotten that Death Metal isn't dead or if you just need something to listen to with your latest victim, “Morbid Death” is guaranteed to satisfy those cravings.

4 Star Rating

1. Rotten
2. Feast On The Priest
3. From The Tomb
4. Funeral Creep
5. Psalm For The Slaughtered
6. Maimed And Devoured
7. Resurrected
8. Behead The Dead
9. Buried In Bowels
10. Christian Death
Erik Jerka Sävström - Bass
Jimmy Hurtig - Drums
Johan Kvastegård - Guitars
Thomas Liljekvist - Guitars
Mikael Hanni - Vocals
Record Label: Memento Mori


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