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Disrupted - Pure Death Award winner

Pure Death
by Will Travers at 20 December 2020, 7:49 AM

The snow swept forests of Sweden are a breeding ground for many great and successful Metal bands across the years, one of the slightly lesser known DISRUPTED has recently released their second studio album in the form of “Pure Death”.

The album artwork paints a harrowing image with a dirty silhouette of a guillotine sitting on a hilltop; simple yet effective. The opening track, “Blood Worship” lays down a statement, bass heavy riffs and a driving, pounding rhythm smashes the listener to prick their ears and notice what they are hearing. This same intensity and energy continue all the way through “Human Stew”, from the delightful running introduction, and onwards into the depths of the aggressive and incessant vocal line.

“Born In A Corpse” fly’s through. “Carve” takes the foot off the gas a bit, a steadier and more deliberate pace gives the track a more threating and ominous atmosphere, but in contrast to what has come before, it shows that there is more to DISRUPTED than one may initially believe. “Headless Torso” brings back the same intent that was originally shown, with the dense and impenetrable wall of heavy music constantly bludgeoning me as a listener. I love it.

The album’s titular track, “Total Death” continues the breathless journey through the record, barely ceasing to allow me to realize what is happening. But, in my mind’s eye, I can see the venue, the dark stage and screaming fans, smell the all to familiar stench of beer and sweat. To me, this is imperative in the making of any good album; if one cannot see its appeal in a live scenario then you are probably not going to enjoy it, but so far, DISRUPTED are killing it!

The tail end of the record continues to deliver the intense onslaught that one has come to expect from this album, but there are slight nuances within each track that just allow it to stand out for its excellence in its own right. However, the all-encompassing final track, “Slave From The Grave”, really just nails down that this is a group of knowledgeable and talented musicians that, if allowed to do their thing, will keep nailing song after song.

Overall, this was a fantastic album. Everything just came together and really flowed with a natural feel to it. The musicianship was second to none and I will be keeping an eye out for DISRUPTED on the scene in the UK someday!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Blood Worship
2. Human Stew
3. Born In A Corpse
4. Carve
5. Headless Torso
6. Total Death
7. Pestilential Vomit
8. Goat Lord
9. Chopped Into Oblivion
10. Slave From The Grave
Mikael Hanni – Vocals
Thomas Liljekvist – Guitar
Tommy Haglund – Bass
Daniel Liljekvist – Drums
Record Label: Memento Mori


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