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Disturbed - Evolution Award winner

by John Paul Romero at 13 November 2018, 7:12 AM

DISTURBED has always been known as one of the main revolutionaries of NU metal since the closing ends of the 1900’s until the early 2000’s, releasing genre-defining albums “The Sickness” and “Ten Thousand Fists”. However, this latest release is far from what they have always been most notoriously known for. This album, “Revolution”, by far is their mainstream-friendliest album. Why do I say so? The songs are no longer as aggressive and as adrenaline pumped as before. However, they don’t seem to have any problem executing their steps towards the new chapter that they are coursing. The most notable feature in this album is the huge number of love songs/ballads. Of the fourteen tracks of the deluxe CD, five of which are ballads, six including the goose bumps-summoning live performance of their cover of the classic “The Sound of Silence” featuring Myles Kennedy who performed astoundingly as a backing vocalist blending perfectly with David’s high-and-low pitch singing.

Although the album is generally a transition album, there are still lots of classic traces in some of the songs, going straight to the track “The Best Ones Lie” which is easily the heaviest track in the album. In the song, they utilized their signature thumping bass drums and mid paced tempo while all the non-ballads is a combination of old school Disturbed but less aggressive and a much denser presence of electronic elements. Talking about the ballads, the band delivered them too smoothly as though it was their true and root genre. They really went soft with these ballads, given that some of those are actually love songs. But this doesn’t seem to be an issue with Disturbed. The arrangement of the songs in the album is so perfect that the switch of moods from rock to ballads go swiftly without alienating the listeners.

As I said earlier, there are five ballads in the album, namely: “A Reason to Fight”, “Hold on to Memories”, “Watch You Burn”, “Already Gone” and “Uninvited Guest”. It might be hard to accept for the others, but hearing a band like Disturbed, the creator of the anthems called “Ten Thousand Fists” and “Down With the Sickness” do tons of ballads is a thing of beauty. Their famous rendition of “The Sound of Silence” served like a signal for these things to come, and also showed that aside for being a screamer, David can also send people to sleep. The way they executed their ballads is perfect, and each of which are archetypes of power ballads – combining the attitude and character of rock n roll and a calmer approach of heartfelt words and melodies.

To conclude, as I said repeatedly, this one is a transition album. They are still holding on to their roots, but are already looking forward to a different path to take. And I got no issue on this, because whatever they are thinking of doing in the next releases, it really sounds like they will be very good at it, basing on their performance in this album. I don’t care if some people dislike it because of the change in the sound. They did well in this album, and the performance itself is its own defense.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Are You Ready
2. No More
3. A Reason to Fight
4. In Another Time
5. Stronger on Your Own
6. Hold on to Memories
7. Saviour of Nothing
8. Watch You Burn
9. The Best Ones Lie
10. Already Gone
11. The Sound of Silence (Live) \[Feat. Myles Kennedy]
12. This Venom
13. Are You Ready (Sam de Jong Remix)
14. Uninvited Guest
David Draiman – Vocals
Dan Donegan- Guitar
Mike Wengren- Drums
John Moyer- Bass
Record Label: Reprise Records


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