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Dividium – T.H.R.E.E

by Erik Akos at 28 May 2018, 1:43 PM

“T.H.R.E.E” is the latest effort by DIVIDIUM, a band whose sound is hard to describe in short. A bit of Alternative Metal, some Technical Metalcore, they’re mostly described as IRON MAIDEN meets THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. Now, that sounded rather interesting to me, high hopes and such, considering I dig both of those genres, and TDEP is one of my all-time-favourite bands. Unfortunately though, the music isn’t nearly as interesting or captivating as I thought it would be. Only 6 tracks here, so I’ll go track-by-track.

The lead single, “Send Nudes” is something I don’t think will convince any lady to do so. Everything wrong with the record is pretty much present here. Bad mixing with the vocals, uninspired rhythmic parts, overall just nothing really clicked with me while I listened to it. I thought even if I don’t like the EP, I at least find some positives in the lead single, but it’s overall a bland, bad song, besides the vocals, which are ruined by the production anyway, so yeah. Next up is “Would You Kindly”, which basically suffers from the same thing that killed the previous track. The only shade of improvement I could discover is the chorus being a bit more catchy, which the chorus of “Send Nudes” is not like, at all.

Now “Satisfaction Guaranteed” was a sudden leap in quality. Great riffs, even a solid solo, catchy and songwriting which has a more eloquent edge to it, with a stronger sense of purpose, for lack of a better term. I also heard some very well executed Greg Puciato-esque screams by vocalist Neil Bailey. He’s probably the best part of this song, his performances resembles Puciato, but he isn’t trying too hard to copy his exact style. The last three songs, “Nerfed”, “The Echo Chamber” and “Body Harvest” are pretty much on the same level of quality, by that I mean they’re better than the first two, but not as good as track no. 3. They’re mostly the same thing, just with a better execution than with 1 and 2.

Verdict: Really uninteresting and overall basic musicianship with a solid vocalist. If they went down a more mathy path and utilized some (SOME) catchier riffs, I think they would make for a decent band. Just listen to “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and leave the rest.

Songwriting: 4
Originality: 6
Memorability: 3
Production: 4

2 Star Rating

1. Send Nudes
2. Would You Kindly
3. Satisfaction Guaranteed
4. Nerfed
5. The Echo Chamber
6. Body Harvest
Neil Bailey - Vocals
Peter Delaney - Guitar
James Coggin - Drums
Joe Haslam - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 22 September 2019

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