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Divine Heresy - Bringer Of Plagues (CD)

Divine Heresy
Bringer Of Plagues
by Eirini Papadopoulou at 21 September 2009, 12:13 PM

DIVINE HERESY was formed in 2005 by ex-FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares, including Tim Yeung (VITAL REMAINS, HATE ETERNAL) on drums, former NILE bassist Joe Payne and Tommy Vext on vocals. In 2007 they released their debut album Bleed The Filth through Century Media. The album sold 2,700 copies in its first week, creating an immense success for the new act.  
Bringer Of Plagues is the second album of the band, this time featuring new singer Travis Neal (THE BEREAVED) as Tommy Vext was kicked out. We can generally say that the new album is a continuation of the band's style and ideas.  In Bringer Of Plagues Dino Cazares continues to amaze us with his technical and sharp guitar riffs. The excellent machine that is Tim Yeung displays the speed and skill that made him so famous spreading his sick drumming from furious blasting to double bass pedals and Travis Neal continues what Vext has left. His singing is clearly similar with Vext's and in this album alternating singing to screaming is obvious for once more. Neal's clean vocals are adequate as his screaming but they sometimes seem shallow and uninspired. Though the vocals are tougher than those of the first album it seems to me that here conquered the last years' cliche where the clean  vocals intersperse with screaming or brutal. That part for me ruins the whole atmosphere. From one side he have Cazares and his staccato riffs and Yeung and his furious drumming alternating with clean vocals, sometimes in the chorus lines and that creates the pop idiom of having a clean catchy melody at the refrain so that the listener can grasp it. For example the hit of this album, Facebreaker starts like a punch to the face and then later on there is this clean chorus line which takes away all the sweet taste of the punch that hit me right before. The clean vocals timbre reminds me a bit of LINKIN' PARK and that is definitely NOT good.
If I don't take into consideration Neal's clean vocals, I can say that his screams are great. This album shows the talent and skills of the band and is a good production but it also shows the lack of inspiration in the song writing.
I would say that Bringer Of Plagues is an album that doesn't take the band a step forward. It keeps the same way with Bleed The Filth. If you loved the debut album then you should check this one out.

3 Star Rating

The Battle Of J. Casey
Undivine Prophecies
Bringer Of Plagues
Monolithic Doomsday Devices
Letter To Mother
Enemy Kill
Darkness Embedded
The End Begins
Dino Cazares - Guitar
Tim Yeung - Drums
Joe Payne - Bass
Travis Neal - Vocals
Record Label: Century Media Records


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