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Divinity - The Immortalist Award winner

The Immortalist
by Tina Webber at 24 September 2017, 10:06 PM

If you are somebody just starting to listen to the talented DIVINITY, “The Immortalist” will keep you hooked in its treads. It is a compilation of all the hard work the band put in for the last five years divided into three segments. It instantly punches the throttle with “Manhunt.”  DIVINITY is known for chaos in their fast and furious songwriting. “The Immortalist” has more tech grooves injected in the supercharged blast beats than their previous albums. The next track, “Atlas” reminds listeners of the riffs and vocals from DEVIN TOWNSEND/STRAPPING YOUNG LAD.   However, there are deathcore-like heavy breakdowns in between the progressive pistons that make me want to break things. Not that I am complaining-give me more please!

“D M T” is hands down the best track on the album featuring Björn Strid from SOILWORK.  There are extremely progressive, epic, enjoyable moments in the song where it feels like the listener is driving freely along the mountains in The Shire. It has similar atmospheric effects that the listener would hear in “Lateralus” from TOOL in the background. “The Dead Speak From Beyond" is a blunt, catchy PERICARDIUM cover song. “PsyWar” is another track that sticks out from “D M T.” It has a gear-switching tempo accompanied by groovy bass lines and double beat drums that leave your head banging.

“The Immortalist” is an interesting concept album. It reveals the story of a man learning who he is after having no recollection of who he is or how he ended up in a crop field. Once the man learns who he is, he becomes immortal. The theme and symbolism can all be felt in these lyrics which are enlightening to the ears. “The Immortalist” is a highly recommended album for those who are hearing DIVINITY for the first time and for those who have listened to them since “Allegory.” It is truly a divine, powerful experience.  I think I may be in love.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Manhunt
2. Atlas
3. Hallowed Earth
4. D.M.T.
5. PsyWar
6. Distorted Mesh
7. The Dead Speak From Beyond
8. Lucid Creator
9. The Reckoning
10. All Seeing Eyes
11. Momentum
12. Conqueror
Sean Jenkins - Lead Vocals
Jeff “Beast” Waite - Vocals
James Duncan - Guitar
Gord Olsen - Guitar
Brett Duncan - Drums
Keith Branston - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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