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Dizastra - Elder Sun Award winner

Elder Sun
by Keith Morash at 08 February 2020, 4:13 AM

Today we are here to talk about a Canadian Blackened Thrash band called DIZASTRA and their brand new full length release – “Elder Sun".  The band formed in 2014 and then released their debut ep in 2015, sculpting their sound over the next few years to put forth this well constructed display of their talent. So to cut my ramblings short, let’s get to it, we have an album to review!

Being a Canadian  myself, it gives me immense pleasure to review a Canadian album, especially one as talented as DIZASTRA, and that talent made its presence known right  the first note struck in track one – “Vae Victus". “Vae Victus" takes off from the starting gate like its a race to the next riff with a lightning fast palm muted section. Then the Vocals kick in and DIZASTRA shows its teeth like a wolf ready to attack. Matteo Conti barks a guttural raspy scream to convey his agenda to their audience. They also did not skimp on the bass at all. Just as prominent as the guitars you can hear the bass chugging away in the background.

Moving on to track two – “Piercing The Veil" maintains momentum of its predecessor with a rolling tremolo picked riff before the main body of the song. Not one, not 2, but 3 solos later, they finish the song of with some happy words of encouragement  - “Why don’t you fuck off and die!” “Dead Ov Night" is the third track on the album. A slower tempo on this one with almost a groove metal fell to it, Matteo's voice still just as demonic. They do a perfect job of blending the black with the thrash so they exist in perfect harmony. Track four, “The Second Coming" keeps the tempo slow yet again, a bone crushing tone that provokes the desire headbang slowly yet forcefully. Track five, “Mourning Wars" takes things back up to a normal thrash pace, the vocals right from the beginning come at you with face melting aggression.

Ok, so now we've reached track six, “Gnosis" and so far this one holds the title for favorite track. From the intro solo to the closing solo and everything found in between, “Gnosis" is sure to raise adrenaline levels. Let’s go ahead a skip a few songs, just know they are brutal. The last song I’d like to touch on is the final song. I like this as much as “Gnosis". “Terminus Est".  Its an instrumental and a well done one at that.  Do I dare say, comparable to METALLICA’S “Orion"? This track is a fine display of DIZASTRA'S song writing capabilities.

After listening  to this album, getting to know DIZASTRA, I am proud to know they are Canadian and I wish them much success in the future. I’ll be waiting to see what comes next for them and I can say with certainty,  I am a fan! Well done DIZASTRA!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.Vae Victus
2.Piercing The Veil
3.Dead Ov Night
4.The Second Coming
5.Mourning Wars
7.The Last  Stand
9.Terminus Est
Matteo Conti – Guitar/ Vocals
Denis Stoisin – Lead Guitar
Nathan Afilalo – Bass
Pietro Giampa - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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