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Djevel - Tanker som rir natten

Tanker som rir natten
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 24 May 2021, 6:40 AM

DJEVEL is a Norwegian black metal band. "Tanker Som Rir Natten" is their seventh full length album since forming in 2009. DJEVEL has also released two EPs and a split album. This is more on the traditional side of black metal but I also find it to be highly atmospheric. The production and mixing of the album is superb and goes a long way into me enjoying this album as much as I do. Of course none of that would matter if the song writing was bad but that isn't the case here. DJEVEL certainly know how to write solid, underground black metal songs that also keep the listener interested.

Musically, the songs are riffed based with a touch melancholic atmosphere. While the songs are generally mid temp or faster, the focus isn't on speed, so much as it on creating a cold and chilling atmosphere. With that being said, the band certainly isn't afraid to inject doses of melody here and there. It is a nice touch and I really felt like the songs were boosted because of it. The first track is "Englene Som Falt Ned I Min Seng, Skal Jeg Sette Fri Med Brukne Vinger Og Torneglorier," and it sets the tone immediately with classic black metal riffage and Faust's rolling barrage of drums. The bass is audible and finds a balance between holding down up song's foundation but still finding a place of it's own. Around the half way mark, the song goes clean for a few brief seconds but once it cranks back up, chilling melody comes back with it.

"Maanen Skal Være Mine Øine, Den Skinnende Stierne Mine Ben, Og Her Skal Jeg Vandre Til Evig Tid" had tasty slightly melodic riffs that are wrapped around a fierce urgency.  This song is a banger with a dizzying array of drums assaulting the senses.  The chants are a nice touch too, melding well with the bass. I loved the sudden acoustic passage that leads into more melodic moments.  The band is very adept at playing at the speed of darkness but adding in little nuances that grasp a hold very quickly. The guitar and bass is full and mighty for "En Krone For Et Øie Som Ser Alt, Tusind Torner For En Sønn Som Var Alt" blanketing the song with straight up black metal destruction. The slower parts of the song are a highlight, riffs opening from hell itself and settling on a groove that drives it all forward. From 6:45 to the songs end, the band rides full speed ahead for a vicious assault.

"Tanker Som Rir Natten," is a clean note and melodic track that serves as a decent respite for all the chaos that has it surrounded. Despite the different approach, the song still retains a mystical and cold atmosphere like the others. "Naar Maanen Formørker Solen I En Dødelig Dans, Ber Jeg Moder Jord Opp Til En Siste Vals," has a building up worthy of a doom album.  Acidic riffs and simple but effective keys push the song further like glacial movement. Afterwards it displays some of the album's best riffs and becomes faster paced before slowing down again the 6:20 mark. From here until the end is marked by focused drumming, clean chants and even some melodic groove.

The final track, "Vinger Som Tok Oss Over En Brennende Himmel, Vinger Som Tok Oss Hjem," hits hard with a deep bass tone that just hits you for full impact. This track is dirge like it and is mostly slower than the previous five songs. It works very well for them. All in all, DJEVEL's "Tanker Som Rir Natten," is black metal done right that combines a keen eye for traditional with an opened minded look at atmosphere.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Englene som falt ned i min seng, skal jeg sette fri med brukne vinger og torneglorier
2. Maanen skal være mine øine, den skinnende stierne mine ben, og her skal jeg vandre til evig tid
3. En krone for et øie som ser alt, tusind torner for en sønn som var alt
4. Tanker som rir natten
5. Naar maanen formørker solen i en dødelig dans, ber jeg moder jord opp til en siste vals
6. Vinger som tok oss over en brennende himmel, vinger som tok oss hjem
Trond Ciekals - Guitars, Vocals (Clean), Vocals (Chants)
Faust  - Drums
Kvitrim - Vocals, Bass
Record Label: Aftermath Music


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