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Dodsfall - Doden Skal Ikke Vente

Doden Skal Ikke Vente
by Louise Brown at 28 January 2019, 11:44 AM

DODSFALL is a Norwegian Black Metal band which formed in 2009. During its ten year history the band has released several albums, including "Djevelen's Evangelie" (2013) and "Kaosmakt" (2015). They're fairly popular with anyone who is familiar with Norwegian Black metal. I was really pleased when I was assigned their newest album to review.

"Doden Skal Ikke Vente" (2019) starts out with a track called "Hemlig Vrede". The beginning of the song is great. Music is a perfect blend of power and melody. When vocalist Ishtar begins to sing he keeps his voice low and subtle which serves to make the listener pay even more attention. The track changes towards the middle as it becomes more aggressive and faster only to slow down again almost as quickly as keyboards join the mix. The effect is interesting and it works for the song. It had a more melodic sound to it (instead of being strictly Black Metal) that I enjoyed quite a bit. Track number two is "Takefjell". The lead-in is slower, but loud. I liked the way the song seemed to flow as it began to play with its' mix of Melodic and Black Metal overtones. Even as the speed of the song increased the melodic aspects remained. As an added bonus there is terrific guitar solo to appreciate, too.

Tracks three and four actually sounded fairly similar to each other. Both "Svarta Drommar" and "Gra Himlar" are decent songs, but neither one of them is especially remarkable. After the two previous tracks I'll admit I was bit disappointed by them. Fortunately, the fifth song, "Kampsalmer," makes up for what those two songs lacked. It features an excellent intro with a heavy Black Metal sound to it. This is what I'd been expecting from DODSFALL. I'm suddenly feeling much more excited about the rest of the album. The vocal performance on "Kampsalmer" is simply fantastic; classic growling and screeching that mixes with backing guitar riffs in such a way that you want even more as the song continues. Include a well-played guitar solo and you have my favorite song on the entire album.

 The last four tracks on the album are also GREAT. "I De Dodens Oyne" is dark and melodic with another fine performance by Ishtar as he delivers more Black Metal excellence. I enjoyed the song almost as much as I enjoyed "Kampsalmer". "Odemarkens Morkedal" has a beautiful melody interspersed with Ishtar's dark, grim vocals and super aggressive percussion by drummer Telal. The song's amazing rhythm and pacing drew me in even more as I listened to it. Definitely a track worthy of volume as you enjoy it. Track eight, "For Alltid I Min Sjael" has a more chaotic sound to it when compared with the other songs and it gets even better as it continues. It has probably the most beautiful guitar solo on the entire album.The song is so good I have to wonder why the entire album didn't end up like it. It is obvious that DODSFALL can create some extremely memorable music when they wish to. "Ondskapelse" has another one of those outstanding heavy intros which is brutal, fast and ANGRY. The whole song is balanced and flows effortlessly; it is an exceptionally crafted Black Metal composition. My only complaint about the song is the hyperactive burst of energy I get while listening to it; which I guess really isn't such a bad thing, haha. The final track, "Skogstrollet" is a brief yet lovely instrumental which ends the album perfectly.

Definitely get this album for your collection!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. Hemlig Vrede
2. Takefjell
3. Svarta Drommar
4. Gra Himlar
5. Kampsalmer
6. I De Dodens Oyne
7. Odemarkens Morkedal
8. For Alltid I Min Sjael
9. Ondskapelse
10. Skogstrollet
Ishtar -  Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Telal -  Drums
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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Edited 04 February 2023

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