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Dodsferd - Death Shall Purify The Wounds Of Your Fragile Mortality

Death Shall Purify The Wounds Of Your Fragile Mortality
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 16 November 2020, 1:34 AM

DODSFERD is a one man black metal band from Greece formed in 2001.  The main man behind the project, Wrath, has been rather prolific.  So far the band has ten full length albums under their belt and numerous splits and EP’s. I’ve heard their name throughout the years but have never actually been exposed to his music until now.  This latest release, “Death Shall Purify The Wounds Of Your Fragile Mortality,” is actually a compilation of various tracks throughout their career.

Although it isn’t a terrible album by any means, I have found it to be an average album that didn’t do much for me.  My main problem with the album is that several of the tracks are just unnecessarily long. As a huge fan of doom metal, long songs don’t bother me but they need a purpose or reason to be so. The opening track is “Staring At The Forthcoming Chaos,” and the opening moments to the album are very nice.  Clean instrumentation and bass paint the intro with a sort of odd relaxation.  The song kicks in but just sort of drones on for what seems like far longer than the actual nearly ten minute run time.  I didn’t appreciate the more ambient moment around the 6:45 mark and the intense ending but I wish it had come far sooner into the song.

Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow,” is a twenty minute long so that just doesn’t go anywhere.  The opening riffs are great but there just isn’t much variation in the song.  Across the twenty minutes, I just didn’t hear enough that caught my ears.  I did enjoy the subtle hints of melody sprinkled across the track and the vocals are certainly disturbed and fit the atmosphere well enough. The pacing of the album doesn’t help things either.  I know it is a collection of tracks but having two back to back long form songs really hurt the flow.  That other song is “His Veins Colored The Room.”

This particular track is definitely unique—without a doubt it is the weirdest song on the album. But after struggling through the previous twenty minutes, I was already exhausted going into this one.  Although I enjoyed this song more, it still suffers from the same problem: too much plodding along and not enough “wow” moments to stand out to me.  The intro riffs and screams go on for way too long and I felt myself losing interest rather quickly. The final track is “Deterioration,” and is actually a new song.  It is a very ambient piece with clean instruments and spoken word vocals.  It isn’t a bad song but doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the album.  It is unique though and I can see the appeal but it isn’t for me.

That is also how I feel about this album as a whole.  This band is very well respected in the scene it seems so perhaps I’m in the minority and others mileage with the album might vary greater than my own.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Staring At The Forthcoming Chaos
2. Doomed In Eternal Solitude
3. Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow
4. His Veins Colored The Room
5. Death Has Always Been The God Of Man
6. Million Deaths Inside
7. Deterioration
Wrath – Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Fucking your Creation Records


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Edited 05 December 2020

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