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Dogs For Breakfast – Suiru

Dogs For Breakfast
by Jack Lynch at 17 September 2019, 5:17 PM

After a 4-year album break the Italian noise boys from DOGS FOR BREAKFAST are back with their second full length release “Suiru”. But unlike their 2015 album, which they split with the with BOLOGNA VIOLENTA, the band has punched out 8 blazing tracks that dive deeper into darker, and dare I say more exciting territory than previous material. The result is a brutal yet surprisingly focused album that’s got plenty of diesel full in the tank.

Much of what can be said about the opening track “Suiru” can also be characterized for the following two tracks “Dreaming of Hell, Leaving Reality” and “Ravening Wolf”. From the start you are bombarded with aggressive rust ridden chainsaw guitar licks firing away at Extreme Metal speed. The sound recalls some classic Motorhead or even the newer offerings from Converge. Its fast, loud, and in your ear like a spin kick to the head. The vocals are a wash of throat cancer; raspy 90’s Hardcore. These tracks are designed for the pit, whereas “Running in Vain” and “At the Gallows” are meant to be digested with more restraint. “The Blade of the Lord” is nice mix of the two worlds; loaded with violence but more painfully introspective. If you’re looking to get out some anger, make some noise and break some glass, "Suiru" has just what you’ll need to get a few rounds in.

On one hand though, that’s pretty much all you’re going to get with "Suiru". While DOGS FOR BREAKFAST have really pushed themselves forward sonically, there really isn’t any room for much else. One-by-one you’ll check off each track, get your dose of pain and violence with only the atmospheric water droplets of “Corde” acting as a break from the action. It’s a welcome pallet cleanser to an album that might crush itself under its own heaviness. You’ll have to spin this album a few times before any songs stick to memory.  Thankfully you’ll get enough variety in the writing, even if tonally it all plays by the same rules throughout.

Still, what DOGS FOR BREAKFAST have done with “Suiru” should not be understated. I found their unrelenting approach a breath of fresh air. If you’re needing to fill a grungy void while you wait for the next MASTODON album to drop, or if you’re just straight up pissed off about something, I recommend giving this one a spin. Sonically the album roars with such fury it’s as if DOGS FOR BREAKFAST wanted to produce the loudest sounding album of the year. In some respects, they may have just done that.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Suiru
2. Dreaming of Hell, Leaving Reality
3. Ravening Wolf
4. Running in Vain
5. Corde
6. Last Sunny Days
7. The Blade of the Lord
8. At the Gallows
Paolo Oliva
Andrea Peracchia
Fabio Oliva
Record Label: Promethean Fire / Kolony Records


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