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Dominhate - Towards The Light

Towards The Light
by Jacob Dawson at 14 October 2014, 12:25 PM

If this were a psychoanalytical discussion, we would discuss the significance behind the name DOMINHATE and how it could suggest some kind of aggressive disposition. But since this is a Death Metal band, we already know this to be true and will instead simply shrug our shoulders and carry on with the review.

Although this is a debut album, the band members do have a certain amount of experience in the scene that is obvious not just from the music, but also their history. DOMINHATE has risen from the ashes of the Thrash-Death Metal band ESEQUIE, which in turn was born from the dissolution of the bands CRAINE and KROWLER. The maturity gained from all this comes through on the record, as they do know when to let the music breathe, and when to intensify the sound. The album begins with an atmospheric introduction that seems reminiscent of the track "Remnants" from DISTURBED's most recent album, in that they both serve to provide an instrumental ambiance before the lyrical onslaught. And in this case, onslaught is the right word as Steve's guttural, merciless delivery of the Death growl begins with little warning in "The Light Of The Last Legion".

This doesn't let up until the slower tempo of "The First Seed", which serves as another example of some very respectable drumming from Slippy, as the rapid-fire style works well as a base for the menacingly slow guitar work.

The band save their best for last however, as the closing track entitled "Redemption Of One" is arguably the most varied track, with a good amount of differing tempos and a fun intro and outro. However, this should not be taken as meaning the rest of the album is great as well, as the classic problem that has plagued albums since the dawn of time returns here too, since a few of the songs show little difference between each other and come across very similarly. This is something Death Metal struggles with occasionally, as the vocalist has little room to change their pitch or tone. This should not be an excuse though, as plenty of bands in the genre manage just fine.

It doesn’t help that the album clocks in at just shy of 40 minutes, which isn't the most impressive value for money, especially considering the puzzling price on their website at the time of writing (a minimum of 777 Euros…yeah, I know right?!) This isn't to say it's a bad offering, because it isn't - it's a decent debut. It's just not as unique as some might hope, despite showing a lot of promise on the technical side of things.

3 Star Rating

1. Towards The Light
2. The Light Of The Fallen
3. In The Principle The Great Sleep
4. The New Wave Of Domination
5. The First Seed
6. The Essence Of Choice
7. Perception
8. Obscure The Call Of Salvation
9. King Without Crown
10. Redemption Of One
Alex - Guitar
Steve - Bass & Vocals
Jesus - Guitar
Slippy - Drums
Record Label: The Spew Records


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