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Dominia - The Withering of the Rose Award winner

The Withering of the Rose
by Laura Glover at 12 February 2020, 6:46 AM

Since their conception in late 1999, DOMINIA has been busy releasing singles, EP's, and albums galore. Bandcamp offers a wide variety of choices from this bands list of releases. This Russian bands newest album, "The Withering of the Rose" was released on January 20, 2020. I showed this album to a friend of mine and his first words in response were to ask if I had ever listened to MY DYING BRIDE? Interestingly enough, DOMINIA lists them as one of their musical influences. Formed in Saint Petersburg, Russia, by vocalist and composer, Anton Rosa, as well as guitarist, Denis Sukharev; DOMINIA started out as Black-Death Metal. In 2001 DOMINIA included the composer, violinist, and keyboard player, Dmitriy Rishko (Casper); thus, the bad formerly known as TENTAMENTUM, changed their name officially to DOMINIA and changed their genre to Melodic Death Metal. Dmitriy "Casper" Rishko is an accompanist on "The Withering of the Rose" as well; you can hear his work included in songs 2, 3, 6, and 8 via Violin and Keyboards. Notably, their cover artwork by Yurly Voronov, Anton Rose, and Tanya Rosa is really cool and would make an incredible tattoo.

"I Want to Forget" - The vocal portion of this album is slightly generic. While bands don't always have to create something new and innovative to be cool, this is a good example of that vocally. Musically, the melodic nature of this song is gorgeous and lovely; vocally it just doesn't stand out too much. "My Flesh and the Sacred River" - What a cool name for a song! You can hear Dmitriy "Casper" Rishko's symphonics in this song. Which is absolutely the backbone to this song. I also like the vocals a little better in this track. The mix of clean vocals and growly vocals accompany the symphonics well. "The Light of the Black Sun" - Again, props for the cool song title. In fact, this whole album has artful song titles and a cool album name. Anton Rosa's Black Metal voice is foremost in this song. "I'm so tired, I'm so tired that my soul just dies." A line I can easily relate to. I feel that in my soul.

"The Withering of the Roses" - Easily my favorite song on this album, piano (keyboards) always get me. Symphonics are my musical drug. I just can't get enough. The violin in this song is achingly gorgeous. This song is an instrumental song. Showcasing the lush musical notes that make DOMINIA stand out. "The Song That You Don't Like" - Heavy musical intro, with softer vocals. I dig this song a lot too. This is their bonus track to "The Withering of the Rose". This is a song reminiscent of Vampiric love. Gothic romance. Aching need for a lover, perfectly set to masterful power chords on guitar, and lovely bass guitar, as well as melodic drum beats.

DOMINIA is on the rise with a growing fan base. I can make the logical assumption we will probably hear from these guys again in the future. I like the way this band is headed with the gothic romance overtures, and violin. Please, please give us more violin next time! I absolutely love those haunting notes. "The Withering of the Rose" is a great album. Well worth a listen. See the attached music video, I left a great sample for you all to experience the lush symphonics I mentioned. In conclusion, rock on metal friends! \\m/

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. I Want to Forget
2. My Flesh and the Sacred River
3. Supreme
4. The Light of the Black Sun
5. Entombed in Grief
6. The Elephant Man
7. Nomoreus
8. The Withering of the Roses
9. The Night an the Dark Room
10. The Song That You Don't Like (Bonus Track)
Anton Rosa - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, and Keyboards
Denis Sukharev - Guitar
Mihail Morozkin - Violin
Oleg "Papa" Filstovich - Drums
Record Label: Morning Star Heathens Music Group


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