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Don Jamieson - Denim and Laughter

Don Jamieson
Denim and Laughter
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 19 March 2020, 9:37 AM

Yes, times come and times go, things change, and here we are again with a DON JAMIESON release, called “Denim and Laughter”. It’s not an album in the strict sense of the word, because this isn’t and album made of songs, but all tracks are jokes, because Don is a stand-up comedian. Maybe a video would fit better for a better experience, but let’s put our attention on what “Denin and Laughter” is.

As I said above, it’s a set of jokes on a live show (the main reason for speaking about a DVD or Blu-ray Disc) in that form that everyone already knows when the term “stand-up comedian” is spoken. Don worked on “That Metal Show”, so be prepared for a flux of the most sarcastic set of jokes aiming for any Metal idol that you can think, even with Don himself. Yes, it’s extremely hilarious, and aches in the abdomen will appear after some seconds after the initial jokes (the ones with Ozzy and Alice Cooper are impossible to resist). The recording: of course that such format doesn’t need something extremely hard-worked, but it’s clear in the way that everyone can understand the jokes and the laughs of the public (it’s a live show, after all).

To speak about the jokes isn’t so easy for a writer used to review songs. And a stand-up comedy show needs to be heard entirely, because no piece can be left aside. But let’s say that “Drinking Buddy, Hipster Jizz & Gluten-Free Keith Richards” (well, Keith Richards is used as many jokes down here in Brazil, so now there’s one more), “Miserable Sober, Booze Rehab & Liquid Cocaine” (the jokes with drugs and drinks are great), “The Greatest Country, Wife-Beaters & Aliens”, “Alice & Ozzy, Zakk Wylde & Buzztightrear”, “Black Sabbath, Gwar, & a Bloody Good Flight” (well, sometimes seems that Don has a crush on Ozzy for making fun of the Madman), “Stone Cold, a Sporty Ford Fusion, Rock out with Your Cock Out”, “Billy Ray, Little League, Prison Time”, “Mounting Mary, Serial Killers, Death by Bus”, “Gender Fluid, D.N.A. Test, Anal Fetish” and “Fake News & the Return of the Sporty Ford Fusion” are the best shots.

Again: I truly suggest Don to make a DVD or Blu-Ray Disk on the next time, because things will be even more hilarious, but for now, “Denim and Laughter” is a good release, but don’t take things so serious. Laughing can be a very good thing in these days of a pandemic…

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Drinking Buddy, Hipster Jizz & Gluten-Free Keith Richards
2. Miserable Sober, Booze Rehab & Liquid Cocaine
3. Chevy Sativa, a Yankee Candle & Stonehenge
4. The Greatest Country, Wife-Beaters & Aliens
5. Tea Tree Shampoo & Adam Levine’s Nipples
6. That Metal Show, Hi-Def Porn & P.C. Bands
7. Alice & Ozzy, Zakk Wylde & Buzztightrear
8. Black Sabbath, Gwar, & a Bloody Good Flight
9. Stone Cold, a Sporty Ford Fusion, Rock out with Your Cock Out
10. Roast on the Range, She’s Only 17
11. Billy Ray, Little League, Prison Time
12. Mounting Mary, Serial Killers, Death by Bus
13. Gorilla Sex, Spitting, Banana Tits
14. Gender Fluid, D.N.A. Test, Anal Fetish
15. Fake News & the Return of the Sporty Ford Fusion
Don Jamieson - Comedian
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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