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Doomocracy - The End Is Written Award winner

The End Is Written
by V.Srikar at 29 September 2014, 9:37 PM

Now after multiple listening sessions of this debut album ‘The End Is Written’ by a weirdly named Doom Metal band DOOMOCRACY, it underlines the fact that Doom Metal is a multi-dimensional genre and more and more bands are expanding its boundaries, and these Greek Doomers create a new sound that is previously unheard of.

While there are shades of few other contemporary Doom bands, this is creativeness at its best. With influences from CANDLEMASS, BLACK SABBATH, MEMENTO MORI and SOLITUDE AETURNUS, the band started writing this album in 2012, and the fact it has taken so long to get released also shows in the minute details of this album. With clean sharp vocals of Michael Stavrakakis, which almost sound like a female vocals many a times in the record, he adds more flavour to the perfect haunting doom feel created by the heavy sharp riffs created by the axe-men Angelos Tzanis and Harry Dokos. The rhythm section too is immaculate here throughout the album. The apocalyptic lyrics compliment the music perfectly and Michael brings out all the right emotions and it’s hard not to dive into the plethora of beauty of this debut album of theirs.

While the lead guitars go with the normal riffage, the other guitarist compliments nicely with cheesy solos and they are used judiciously without sounding monotonous. There are some very innovative riffs and it’s hard not to air guitar to some of the songs, especially to the faster riffs. While it is Doom Metal, there are shades of Traditional Heavy Metal all over the album due to its faster pace, giving an interesting feel to the album. The drums beats and the bass add more spice to the music and work just fine for the record. Most of the songs have different innovative riffs, but the title track “The End is Written” is the one that impressed me the most with its constant riffage, solos and the ever haunting vocals.

The production is actually great, giving more heaviness on both sides of my headphones, and the band seems to have got almost everything right with their debut album and has easily raised my expectations for their future releases. My only critic has to be the last song “Sins”, which is also the longest track on the album, while it’s not bad, it doesn’t live up to the expectations created by the rest of the album, but that’s the only complaint I have of this beautiful album, and oh did I mention that the album cover art of ‘priest’ reading some book during an apocalypse/ disaster by Piotr Szafraniec looks killer, complimenting the Doomy feel of everything about the album and the band. If you dig Doom Metal, this is an album you don’t want to miss.

4 Star Rating

1. Sadness & Hesitation
2. Faceless
3. Doormacht (Der Apokalyptische Untergang)
4. The Celephais Curse
5. The End is Written
6. Emissary of Vengeance
7. Hanging Puppet
8. Sins
Michael Stavrakakis - Vocals
Angelos Tzanis - Guitars
Harry Dokos - Guitars
Manolis Schizakis - Bass
Minas Vasilakis - Drums
Record Label: Steel Gallery Records


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