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Dopelord – Reality Dagger

Reality Dagger
by Seán Leslie at 08 April 2021, 6:55 PM

DOPELORD are a stoner, doom metal band from Poland and are no strangers to the scene as they’ve been around since 2010. The band is no strangers to the studio by any means with their debut album “Magick Rites” being released in 2012. Their second full length record  “Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult” followed in 2014. The band released a duology with MAJOR KONG titled “Dopelord / Major Kong” in 2015 before going back into the studio for their third full length record “Children Of The Haze” in 2017. They followed that with another split, this time not just with one other band but three. DOPELORD, WEEDPECKER, MAJOR KONG & SPACESLUG all came together to release “4 Way Split” in 2019. The bands most recent full length release “Sign Of The Devil” came in 2020 but was quickly followed by their new EP “Reality Dagger” via Green Plague Records in February 2021.

This EP is packed with three tracks for fans of stoner doom metal to enjoy with the powerful, clean vocals of Paweł Mioduchowski as he and Grzegorz Pawłowski Mroku create sludgy sounding guitar riffs over the top of Piotr Ochociński’s meldodic drumming, all held together by the vocals and bass skills of Piotr Zin.

Although it is only three tracks long this EP is by no means short, it clocks in at over 20 minutes in length which only means that there is a lot to listen to in these three tracks, that’s for sure. With this being only a three song EP and having the band only released a full length record last year there were no singles released prior to the EP which means listeners have now got three brand new singles to listen to that they’ve never heard before.

The EP’s first two tracks “Dark Coils”  and “Your Blood” are both fairly similar tracks, almost the same length and both are equally as doomy and sludgy sounding as the other with slow and heavy guitar riffing, melodic drumming and powerful vocals.

The EP was closed out by it’s title track “Reality Dagger” which was vastly different to the previous tracks as it was for one, twice the length, coming in at nearly eleven minutes, this track could nearly be broken down into two separate parts as at the half way point it almost feels like its ending before roaring back to life with a different, style and sound to it adding in a nicely timed and well placed guitar solo to break up the track which was a nice touch.

Having listened to this EP in its entirety I can say anyone who enjoys doom metal, stoner metal or both, will enjoy these three tracks and this is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Dark Coils
2. Your Blood
3. Reality Dagger
Paweł Mioduchowski – Guitar/Vocals
Piotr Zin – Bass/Vocals
Piotr Ochociński – Drums
Grzegorz Pawłowski Mroku – Guitar
Record Label: Green Plague Records


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