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Dornenreich - Du Wilde Liebe Sei Award winner

Du Wilde Liebe Sei
by Kevin Lewis at 23 August 2021, 5:16 PM

DORNENREICH is an Austrian band formed in 1996. Their sound is complex and varied, bringing in elements of melodic Black Metal with a Neo-Folk sound. Sung completely in German, the lyrics feel darker as the language is more guttural, rougher. This adds a layer of intrigue and appeal to the music. Du Wilde Liebe Sei is their latest release, having come out via Prophecy Productions on June 11, 2021.

The record opens with “So Ruf Sie Wach Das Sehnen.” It has a slow, folksy rhythm to start, but incorporates some interesting rough vocals. It sounds angry and has the feel of longing for something. The slow picking on the guitar over the base riff is fascinating. The violin is haunting and ethereal. The bongo like percussion is a nice touch.

In Strömen Aus Verwandlung Ein Flackerloses Licht” starts with a frenetic pace that drops back into a slower tempo. The violin is excellent, swaying from fast to slow, frantic to clam. The guitars are just as diverse. The drums and percussion follow suit. This is a catchy song with all the different rhythms and tones.

In “Liebes Dunkle Nacht,” we get back to calm and melodic tones. Like in songs before, the use of almost whispered vocals is an interesting effect. Most of the clean singing is lower in volume, at times approaching the forementioned whisper, while the louder vocalizations tend towards guttural. The differences in volume really accentuate the different tempos and tones during the individual songs and on the record as a whole.

Going back to darker tones, “Sie Machen Mangel Zum Geschenk” is fast paced and at times erratic. The guitars are playing in the lower registers and the violin comes in soaring over all at points, really highlighting a chaotic tune. Then they get back together for a bit and emphasize how well they work in concert as well.

The rest of the songs on the record really showcase their talents further. Wrapping the album up is “Freiheit Erlosen,” another slower song that feels less folksy and more rock ballad. Everything is calm and relaxing with the instrumentation. Even the vocals, though much the same as before, feel less harsh, partly because they spend more time in the whispering tone.

DORNENREICH is an interesting band. They span a number of genres and do all of them well. This is a cool find for me. I think the closest thing I can equate them to is LEDFOOT, an American bluesy, folksy musician with a dark tone. DORNENREICH has a darker feel, but they are equally entertaining. Despite not understanding the lyrics, I really liked this record. The depth of the music, the feelings it evokes, all of that adds up to a very enjoyable listen. I will have to go back and hear some of their back catalog. This is a really good album and I’m glad I got to know this band.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. So Ruf' Sie Wach Das Sehnen
2. In Strömen Aus Verwandlung Ein Flackerloses Licht
3. Dein Knöchern' Kosen
4. Liebes Dunkle Nacht
5. Der Freiheit Verlangen Nach Goldenen Ketten
6. Sie Machen Mangel Zum Geschenk
7. Das Geheimnis Des Quellkosters
8. Das Sehnen Von Mond Und Sonne
9. Dem Kühnen In der Stille
10. Freiheit Erlösen
Eviga – Vocals/Guitars/Percussion
Dragomir / Gilván – Drums
Inve – Violin
Record Label: Prophecy Productions


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